How to Become a User

Step 1

Complete the project proposal form.

Submit the completed form (signed by the user and PI) to Shaloma

Step 2

Read the Cleanroom Safety Training material. Take the online cleanroom safety test

Test results will be sent to you via email


Step 3

Contact Shaloma for attending the 1.5 hour seminar covering rules on safety, basic chemical handling , and cleanroom protocol.

Users are trained on clean room logistics, and operation of General Equipment

Step 4

Go through the Radiation Safety Training and take the Radiation safety test online. You will be prompted to enter your Cleanroom Test date in the form

Once the test has been passed, users will be emailed instructions for submitting a digital picture for identification, a form for a dosimeter badge, and CAMD access card.

step 5

Step 5

Pick up your access card from Craig Stevens

Contact Greshma for specific equipment training.

After Hours Access

Read the After-hours access policy and access the After-hours access form. Contact Shaloma for more details.