Guidelines for New Users

In order to become a user of CAMD microfabrication resources, including the cleanroom, successful completion of each of the following steps is required. These guidelines provide adequate time to complete paperwork, tests, and training. All aspects of Cleanroom Training will be held in a designated schedule for lectures and equipment training.

  1. Microfabrication Project Proposal Form
    All users must complete a project proposal form. The purpose of the project proposal form is two-fold – to provide basic administrative information and to briefly summarize the technical discussion conducted in step 1 defining the scope of work and the user requirements. The proposal will be formally approved and assigned a Project Proposal Number (PRN) which serves as reference for this research project. The form will be completed by the project PI he is the key contact for this research project. The proposal is available on the CAMD webpage and shall be completed and signed before submitting to CAMD, att. Shaloma Malveaux,
  2. Radiation Test
    Access to CAMD requires knowledge of the radiation hazards and emergency situations present. A test to ensure fundamental knowledge of these hazards is required by CAMD regulations. Prospective Users can access Radiation Safety Training via the CAMD Safety website. After studying the material, the Radiation Safety Test can be taken online through the CAMD Safety website. User must score (24/30 = 80%). Once the test has been passed users will be emailed instructions for submitting a digital picture for identification, a form to apply for a dosimeter badge, and information regarding CAMD access. The dosimeter badge must be worn at all times while at CAMD and you will be given an assigned drawer to store badges when you leave the facility. Mandatory updates/refreshers are held annually and will be announced through email and on the website. Failure to re-train automatically de-activates your CAMD status. For questions or more information you can email the Radiation Safey Officer, Charlie Wilson.
  3. Chemical Safety Test
    Perspective Cleanroom Users should study the Cleanroom Safety Material in color to prepare for the Chemical Safety Test. The Chemical Safety Test is administered in person and is a closed-book exam. Arive thirty minutes prior to take the test in Room 136. To schedule an appointment to test, the prospective user should contact Shaloma Malveaux. A minimum score of 90% is required to pass the Chemical Safety Test. If the first test is not passed, then another test is administered at a later time.
  4. Cleanroom Practical Training
    The Cleanroom Practical Training is a 1.5-hour seminar that includes rules on safety, basic chemical handling (storage, use, and disposal), and cleanroom protocol. Users must attend the lecture session before scheduling any equipment training sessions.
  5. Equipment Training
    Users are trained on clean room logistics, and operation of General Equipment. This tour is an applied training session which usually takes 3 hours. See the Equipment Use Policy for more information.

    For use of equipment not part of the general equipment inside the clean room, please send your request to Shaloma Malveaux.
  6. Access Cards
    Once perspective users have completed the dosimeter badge form, a user file will be created and an access card processed for entrance to the experimental hall during normal working hours only. A $10 deposit is required to receive the access card and will be refunded when the card has been returned after project completion. The User can obtain the card from Craig Stevens in room #106 after all training requirements have been met.
  7. Final Administrative Actions
    After the final step is completed the user’s access card is updated for entry to the Clean room. Card updates will be made within (3) working days after all training sessions are completed. A user profile will be created and trained users will be issued an login-id and login-password to serve as access to the booking (machine reservation) system and power to machines.

    If a new user does not use the facilities within (6) months of training; or if an experienced user has not accessed the facility after (1) year, access will be removed and re-training is required.

    Clean room refresher courses as well as safety and protocol seminars held annually are mandatory. Announcements are posted through email and the webpage. Users are required to attend in order to maintain continued access to the clean room.

    Reminders and correspondences are emailed to users as needed. It is the user’s responsibility to keep contact information updated with clean room staff and also check our website periodically for any news and announcements.

    By signing the microfabrication project proposal form users (PI and students assigned to the project by the PRN) agree to the terms of being a user at CAMD as listed on the form. If students complete their studies they should inform CAMD about any changes. PI’s shall inform CAMD if new students are added to an ongoing project.