Teacher Training and Professional Development

Teacher Training and Professional Development

The LSU Gordon A. Cain Center is an approved vendor for teacher training and professional development by the LDOE. The Cain Center is currently running a variety of programs to help teachers pass the Praxis, develop content, and strengthen their teaching abilities

Virtual Math Institute

An online based workshop created In partnership with the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning. The workshops are open to anyone who currently teaches or aspires to teach middle school or high school mathematics, looking to pass the Praxis.

More information on the Virtual Math Institute

Secondary Math Content Training

The Cain center offers the LDOE Secondary Math Content Leader training. Participants can complete the 7-hour graduate credit path with enhanced math content training or the LSU certificate-based path. Content Leaders who complete the training and demonstrate skills mastery will receive special distinction from the LDOE indicating that they have the knowledge and skills to support fellow math educators.

Personalized Professional Learning

As an authorized LDOE vendor, the Cain Center offers customizable professional development options to meet specfic needs. The Cain Center will provide on-going, personalized curriculum implementation guidance with classroom teachers in a collaborative setting. Each session will be intentionally focused on specific major work areas for student growth. Options include:

Video-based observations, participation in virtual learning sessions with teaching practice improvement feedback, lesson customization/planning guidance, analysis of student work, and progress monitoring.