What is said about the Cain Center…

“Obtaining a College Degree has never been more important than it is today. But the US, once a leader in higher education, now lags behind at least 11 other countries in terms of completion rates for adults ages 25 – 34. Increasing K-12’s college readiness is critical to improving our outcomes in this area. The LSU Cain Center’s strategy of aligning high school dual enrollment standards with those of currently enrolled LSU students serves as a model for the country.”

F. King Alexander, former President


“The Baton Rouge Area Foundation has consistently noted that our community needs a much stronger base of science and mathematics teachers in our schools. The Gordon A. Cain Center teacher programs are of critical importance to the quality of life in our community and across the state.”

John Spain, Executive Vice President
The Baton Rouge Area Foundation


“In our new long-range strategic plan, the Baton Rouge Area Chamber has made STEM education one of its top priorities. We have determined that our region’s talent needs to require more business engagement and better outcomes around STEM fields, starting in K-12 education. The Cain Center’s programs are of crucial importance to economic development, both here and across Louisiana.”

Adam Knapp, President and CEO
Baton Rouge Area Chamber


"At LED FastStart®, we’re proud of our ranking as the nation’s No. 1 state workforce development program. One of the best ways to build Louisiana’s workforce for the future is to develop deep talent in teaching STEM skills. Our major employers in energy, healthcare, financial services and manufacturing demand these skills. And nowhere is this truer than in the software development, digital media and IT fields, which make up Louisiana’s fastest-growing industry sector. The Cain Center for STEM Literacy at LSU — with its proven leadership in STEM teaching and student opportunities — is a valuable partner in this mission."

Jeff Lynn, Executive Director
Louisiana Economic Development


“QSM has provided our classroom teachers with hands-on technology that our district could not afford. The equipment we have received has helped us implement higher order thinking skills using the latest available strategies to improve student learning.” 

Pamela Graham, Principal
Fairfield Elementary
Shreveport, Louisiana