Teach Computer Science

Teach Computer Science


The U.S. government recognizes that computer science is essential for all high school students, but there are not enough CS teachers. With a grant from the U.S Department of Education SEED Program, LSU has created a pilot program to prepare CS majors for teaching at the high school level and becoming certified teachers. The pilot program includes a new course for learning how to teach computer science, a pre-approved set of five courses that allows CS majors to finish their degree while they prepare to teach, and a one-year certification path after graduation in which graduates work with full pay as teachers to become certified.

For a limited time, there are scholarships available for CS majors who agree to complete this program and teach for at least one year after graduation.

Whether you are CS major or not, interested in becoming a teacher or just want to learn about teaching CS, you will be interested in the this pilot program.

Learn more about the program and how to apply or register for the new initiatives.

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