Virtual Math Institute

2020 Virtual Math PRAXIS Institute

LSU Virtual Math for Teachers Workshops are offered by the Louisiana State University Gordon A. Cain Center for STEM Literacy in partnership with the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning.  The workshops are open to anyone who teaches--or wishes to teach--middle-school or high-school mathematics.

The LSU Virtual Math PRAXIS Institute is a series of on-line workshops, each requiring between 80 and 120 hours to complete. Individuals start with the workshop at their level, as determined by a placement test, and work up to the level they need. The available LSU VMI Workshops are:

  1. Learning and Teaching Pre-Algebra
  2. Learning and Teaching Algebra I
  3. Learning and Teaching Geometry
  4. Middle School Mathematics Capstone (with Praxis 5169 Review)
  5. Algebra Capstone (with Praxis 5162 Review)
  6. High School Mathematics Capstone (with Praxis 5161 Review)


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Format: Each workshop has an asynchronous online component that participants complete on their own time. In addition, each participant receives personalized, synchronous (live and online) instruction and support from LSU Mathematics Faculty and participates in small-group activities moderated by LSU Faculty

When? Teachers may enroll at any time. Scheduling is flexible, to meet individual needs.

Graduate Credit: Work completed in the High School Mathematics Capstone workshop provides the foundation for a three-credit-hour graduate course that can be taken simultaneously or during a regular LSU term after the workshop. The graduate course requires the completion of additional content training, participation in face-to-face, synchronous workshops, and a passing grade in a final exam/project. Graduate credit is applicable toward the LSU Graduate Certificate in the Mathematics for Advanced Secondary Instruction (MASI) program. To take the graduate course, candidates must apply to and be accepted by the LSU Graduate School; for deadlines and application materials, see

Costs: The cost of each workshop is $900 per participant. If a participant chooses to enroll in the subsequent graduate course, there will be an additional $700 charge to cover LSU graduate tuition and fees.

  • Candidates may enroll individually at their own expense, but we strongly encourage our participants to seek support from their districts.   

If you have any questions please contact us at

For additional information you can also contact Dr. Jim Madden ( or Dr. Isaac Michael (