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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a self-contained classroom teacher who teaches mathematics and /or science, then you are eligible to apply for the grant.  Each teacher may receive only one QSM award in either the mathematics or science category in a given fiscal year.

Yes, if your proposal can be aligned to the Louisiana Science and Mathematics Standards, then you are eligible to apply for a QSM grant. In your proposal, make sure the materials/equipment you are requesting are directly aligned to either LSSS or LSSM.


The Goals and Objectives of your class should be aligned to the Mathematical Practices, the Science and Engineering Practices, or any other state or district course guidelines for engineering, computer science, and other STEM courses.

Make sure you explain the needs of the students with regard to improving and developing skills, understanding processes, expanding knowledge as part of the plan to meet your specified goals and objectives. Provide a clear view of what the students will do the materials during their classroom instruction, provide a vision of how the students will use the materials in their activities rather than how you as the teacher will benefit. Always link the supplies and activities to one or more state standards.

It is best to be as specific as possible about your students. However, if you don’t have any defining information, you can start with your school population data, but write it in a way that helps the reader see how it applies to the group of students who will be working with the materials.

Teachers may submit different proposals for the same materials and equipment. They may not submit the same grant proposal. Both would be disqualified for plagiarism. Applicants should be careful to limit sharing written work to avoid any chance that text will be reused in additional proposals and be disqualified for plagiarism.

QSM proposals are submitted by individual teachers in an effort to successfully advance the skills, content knowledge and learning targets of the students. All grants must be submitted by a single teacher.

QSM applications may be disqualified for:


Including names of parishes, districts, schools, specific training programs in any of the proposal questions

Budgets over $1000 without providing information on the source of the necessary additional funds

Failure to provide narrative replies in the major sections of the application

Missing budget

Missing signed copy of Principal’s Statement of Support

Violations of the state’s policy regarding use of confidential student data or implication of knowledge of the content of an assessment beyond what has been provided by the governing agency

It is strongly recommended that all submissions keep the budget at no more than the $1000 cap. If a budget is submitted for over the approved amount it may be disqualified by the reviewer if the reader feels that without the full list of materials the teacher will not be able to achieve the instructional goals and objectives found in the application. If the teacher has been assured the administration will provide the additional funds needed to fully purchase the requested items that information should be clearly stated in the application. 

Hopefully, you will not have to return the money. If this occurs, you need to contact the QSM Grant Administrator to discuss options and ideas. You may able to purchase higher quantities of items from your budget or other items that may enhance your project. Approval will have to be given prior to purchasing any additional items not listed in your budget. Consumables may not be purchased. 

Materials purchased from QSM funds belong to the school. The principal may reassign the materials to another faculty member or permit the teacher to take the materials to their new teaching assignment if it is a public school.

While QSM funds can only be used to purchase non-consumables materials and equipment, learning kits/bundles that contain a few consumable items are allowed.

Successful proposals generally provide a clear picture of why equipment is needed and how it will benefit the students during instruction. For example, calculators are often used in multiple mathematics lessons. For a favorable score during the review process the applicant should provide a vision of how important the equipment will be in meeting several standards and preparing the students to solve problems. A teacher may wish to focus on the activities for one domain or module and write about the additional topics where the equipment will be used to further defend the instructional need and support the benefits to the students.

No, software licenses and scholastic news subscriptions may not be purchased. These are understood to be consumable because they expire at the end of the license/subscription time. Software that is a one-time purchase may be purchased as long it is clearly aligned to standards-based student instruction and activities outlined in your proposal. 

QSM funds are restricted to materials and equipment to be used during classroom instruction. It is acceptable to submit an environmental science project that is to be implemented as part of a specific course if the proposal is aligned to the LSSS.

Generally, award announcements are made one month from the end of the application cycle. After awards are officially accepted, then checks are sent out to the schools. Schools should receive their check within one month of the award being announced.

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