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BS - Entrepreneurship (Paired-Degree)

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship can mean different things to different people, but in general, it is the act of setting up a business and taking a financial risk in order to turn a profit. Our Entrepreneurship curriculum is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to do just that. It is designed to teach, coach, and inspire students to start a business, be a productive member of an entrepreneurial business, and become an effective manager in a growing business. Through a focus on business management, development, and funding strategies, students can increase their understanding of business practices and startups in this program.

Opportunities in Entrepreneurship

Areas: All General Business Fields, Business Ownership, Financial, Franchise, Innovation, International, Legal

Employers: Nonprofits, Partnerships, Proprietorships, Self-Employed, Startups, Support Organizations

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BS in Entrepreneurship

The bachelor of entrepreneurship is a 120-hour program and must be paired with another bachelor's degree from any college on campus as part of a joint-degree earning a minimum 150 hours. Anyone pursuing this track will:

  • Study how to operate, grow, and manage his or her own business
  • Learn how to be creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial in an existing organization
  • Learn how to generate new wealth and create social change that results in improved quality-of-life, greater morale, and economic freedom in the development of his or her community 


The BS in Entrepreneurship is only offered as a paired degree meaning it can only be offered if it is combined with another BS/BA degree offered at LSU. The minimum credit hours required to obtain two degrees at LSU is 150 hours. Students will need to seek admission to the E. J. Ourso College of Business in order to declare Entrepreneurship as a second degree.

Students pursuing the BS in Entrepreneurship as a second degree must satisfy the degree requirements for both degrees. The BS Entrepreneurship degree requires:

  • 39 credit hours of General Education course requirements
  • 42 credit hours of Business Core course requirements, and 
  • 39 credit hour Entrepreneurship Major course requirements.

Entrepreneurship major course requirements (39 credit hours) include 21 credit hours of ENTR courses, 9 credit hours of free electives, and 9 credit hours of departmentally approved entrepreneurship flex electives.

The student's first degree is considered their craft degree, i.e., where they learn their subject matter expertise (SME) that will serve as the foundation of their business (likely the intellectual property of their business). By combining the 9 credit hours of entrepreneurship elective courses (i.e., "flex" electives) from their first degree, with 9 credit hours of free electives allowed, students can effectively apply 18 credit hours required for their BS entrepreneurship major course requirements from their first degree.

The BS in entrepreneurship curriculum is available in the LSU Catalog. For access to previous catalogs, visit the LSU Catalog webpage.

Entrepreneurship Fellows

The multi-disciplinary Entrepreneurship Fellows Program is a year-long program designed to encourage business and entrepreneurial practices in a select group of graduate or undergraduate students. The program provides students with the opportunity to network with and be mentored by top executives thereby giving these students an extra edge upon graduation. 

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