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Tom Dutton Award

The Tom W. Dutton Award is presented to female undergraduate or graduate student(s) for outstanding service to the University community through participation and leadership in community service activities while attending LSU. Each year, Campus Life receives many nominations for exemplary students that fit the criteria of the award, and selects up to 10 candidates to be honored with the scholarship. Additional criteria include full-time student status, a 3.0 cumulative GPA, and good academic and disciplinary standing with the university. No student may receive the award more than once while enrolled at LSU. These scholarships are up to $500.

The award was established through a bequest that was left to LSU in 1969 by the late Tom W. Dutton. Dutton was a member of the LSU Board of Supervisors from 1940-1967. He also served as the vice chair and the chairman of the board from 1940-1944 and 1950-1952 respectively, and was the team captain of the 1913 LSU football team.

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Christina Bastien Headshot

Christina Bastien - MPA

Megan Manno Headshot

Megan Manno - Accounting

Alix Perry Headshot

Alix Perry - Accounting 



Lillian LaGrange Headshot

Lillian LaGrange - Economics

Victoria Smorodinova Headshot

Victoria Smorodinova - Finance




Kaelen Delaune with Award

Kaelen Delaune - Management

Kassidy Noto Headshot

Kassidy Noto - Management