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President's Millennial Scholars

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The President's Millennial Scholars Program is a newly created four-year retention and preparation program targeted to underrepresented student populations for success during and after college by providing access to transformational opportunities that might not be easily accessed.

Jane and Denny Shelton with two PMSP ScholarsJane and Denny Shelton with two PMSP Scholars

In the first two years, the program concentrates on a student-centered approach to ensure academic and personal development. The last two years will highlight career and professional development with a focus on internships and professional opportunities.

Denny and Jane Shelton provided seed funding for the President’s Millennial Scholars Program through what Denny Shelton describes as “a real appreciation for education, the need for unrepresented students to gain an advantage that many never had, and a university president who is committed to making a difference.” Their gift followed conversations with LSU President F. King Alexander regarding the opportunities that such a program would afford to deserving students. Shelton believes that the President’s Millennial Scholars will be ambassadors for change. “I see where we were. I see the progress that we’ve made. We’re still not nearly where we need to be,” Shelton said. “This program will help kids narrow that gap.” He hopes that the program, aside from launching scholars’ successful academic and professional careers, will create a legacy of giving and progress. “Don’t ever forget where you came from, and always remember that somebody helped you,” he said.

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