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CxC Distinguished Communicator

These recipients of the LSU Distinguished Communicator Award, the first award of its kind in the nation, are outstanding in four areas of communication: written, spoken, visual and technological. They have earned high GPAs in their communication courses over their baccalaureate years and have built websites that display their talents for other students, faculty and the public.

To learn more about how you can take CxC courses and work towards graduating with the Distinguished Communicator Certification visit the LSU Communication Across the Curriculum website.

Spring 2019

  • Lauren Schneida - Accounting

Lauren Schneida Headshot

Spring 2018

  • Jordi Guatemala - Finance
  • Megan Manno - Accounting

recognition of guatemala and manno

Fall 2017

  • Calli Farrell - Finance

Calli Farrell Headshot

Spring 2017

  • Jacques Petit - Economics and Political Communications

Jacques Petit receiving award

Spring 2016

  • Nathan Babb - Economics
  • Vani'Tra Braud - Accounting and Marketing
  • Austin Walker - Finance

Fall 2014

  • Kai-Lee Boudreaux - Finance
  • Claire Dillard - Accounting
  • Dylan Staley - Information Systems & Decision Sciences

Spring 2014

  • Timothy Berard - Accounting

Spring 2013

  • Kenneth Sack - Finance
  • Douglas Secrest - Accounting