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Internship Program

The Department of Marketing at Louisiana State University offers a marketing internship program. Through this program students are able to earn college credit for a practical work experience. Up to six hours of course credit can be earned. The purpose of the program is to encourage students to pursue a practical work experience where they can apply the concepts and principals they have learned in their marketing courses.

The internship program is open to all students, not just marketing majors. Grades from "A" to "F" are not assigned. It is a pass/fail course. The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Must be a junior (or have completed 60 or more credit hours.)
  • Must have completed a Principles of Marketing course. It is highly recommended that more marketing courses be completed prior to the internship experience as this will better prepare the student to learn and to complete the project.
  • Must have at least 100 hours of practical work experience for three hours credit; must have 150 hours for six hours credit.
  • Must complete a project term paper, which is primarily analytical in nature (not descriptive). This paper applies marketing concepts and principles to the company in which the student is employed. For example, some students have developed a marketing segmentation strategy for the company while others have developed advertising campaigns. This paper draws heavily from marketing textbooks, company records, and trade publications. It must be prepared in professional printed format and in standardized research paper format, including statement of purpose, references, and a complete bibliography.

Contact Greg Accardo for the current semester form.