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BS Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes that performs customer needs analysis, executes product/services design, devises branding strategy, establishes pricing, accomplishes promotion, and creates the distribution systems, all while maintaining a competitive advantage.

Opportunities in Marketing

Areas: Sales/Management, Retailing, Advertising, Buying, Planning/Research, Brand/Product Management

Employers: ​Retail Establishments, Service Industries, Financial Institutions, Energy Companies, Insurance Agencies, Pharmaceutical Companies, Consumer Product Companies, Manufacturers

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BS in Marketing

The bachelor of marketing is a 120-hour program with several learning objectives for students:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of market segmentation and targeting
  • Demonstrate an understanding of consumer behavior
  • Demonstrate an understanding of marketing research and ethical considerations in marketing
  • Demonstrate an understanding of relationship management
  • Demonstrate an understanding of strategic planning
  • Demonstrate an understanding of global marketing

The department offers the Internship in Marketing Program​ by which students are able to earn up to six hours of course credit for practical work experience.

Concentrations Available to Marketing Majors

The BS in marketing curriculum is available in the LSU Catalog. For access to previous catalogs, visit the LSU Catalog webpage.

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