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Our mission is to enhance and advance the reputation for excellence of the department, the college, and the University through high quality, transformative, research programs; by using innovative, challenging, and effective learning techniques; with significant engagement in the forms of leadership in regional, national, and global discipline organizations, consulting, speaking engagements, and participation in programs and conferences; and by contributing to the competitiveness of the State of Louisiana.

Faculty members in our department stress hands-on learning in their courses, where students complete real-world or simulated real-world projects. Through such courses, we provide students with several possible career paths.

The Department of Marketing offers the following:

Students in finance have multiple opportunities to participate in various groups and organized events, including:


BS Marketing student in class listening to a presentation

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

A 120-hour program that focuses on training students to demonstrate an understanding of market segmentation and targeting, consumer behavior, marketing research and ethical considerations in marketing, relationship management, strategic planning, and global marketing.

Marketing PhD student reading in his cubicle

PhD in Marketing

A curriculum that teaches students to have command of major theoretical and conceptual issues identified in marketing seminars, of topic literature search and synthesis, of design and execution of academic marketing research, and execute an academic marketing research project and write a cogent paper on this topic.

Professional Sales Institute students with their competition awards

Professional Sales Concentration

A set of marketing courses and guided experiences designed to equip students with practical knowledge and skill sets necessary to excel in the dynamic domain of professional selling. Specifically, students in the professional sales concentration take courses in professional sales fundamentals and sales management. 


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The Professional Sales Institute​ (PSI) is a partnership between LSU and industry, dedicated to the discovery and dissemination of sales knowledge, and to the development of professional sales leaders. From the curriculum perspective, we offer a Professional Sales Concentration within the Marketing B.S. degree, which consists of three classes, professional sales, sales management, and a sales practicum.

Behavioral Research Lab​ is a state-of-the-art facility that provides the E. J. Ourso College’s faculty and students w​​​​ith the means to conduct cutting-edge, technology-based marketing research. The lab was launched in 2012 to coincide with the opening of the Business Education Complex. ​