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Management Areas of Concentration

As a management major, you currently have a choice among three "options" or "concentrations." You may focus your management studies in the human resource area, international management, or strategic leadership. Your degree will be designated "management," regardless of the option you choose. All management majors have certain core management class requirements. Each concentration requires 15 additional hours. Selecting one of the concentrations is required.

Human Resource Management Area

The human resource management concentration requires students take nine hours of advanced HR focused classes which can include Employee Selection & Placement, Compensation Administration and Legal Issues in HRM plus six hours of electives. Our HR Concentration requirements are aligned with the Society for Human Resource Management's Curriculum Guidelines. These guidelines were developed by SHRM as the result of an extensive research effort. LSU's program now appears on the SHRM website in the list of universities that align with their curriculum guides. SHRM is the largest professional organization for HR generalists. 

  • Required Courses (9 hrs.) - Select three from: MGT 4322, 4323, 4500, and 4523
  • Approved Electives (6 hrs.) - A list of approved electives is available from the Rucks Department of Management.


SHRM academically aligned

International Management*

The international management concentration allows students to build their knowledge and skills in international management. Coursework is taken within the management department and in other departments to build the student's understanding‚Äč of the complexity of international management and the cultural context of business 

  • Required Courses (9 hrs.) - Select three from MGT 4430, 4440, 4450, and 4820
  • Approved Electives (6 hrs.) - Select two courses from a list of approved electives (e.g., College of Business international courses, foreign languages, international relations, regional studies). Students will be encouraged to participate in an international study trip.

Strategic Leadership

The strategic leadership concentration provides students with a broad-based understanding of the role of management and leadership in today's business environment. It focuses on such topics as decision making, the leadership role of the CEO, and dealing with management successes and failures.

  • Required Courses (9 hrs.) - Select three from MGT 3211, 4820, 4830, and 4840
  • Approved Electives (6 hrs.) - A list of approved electives is available from the Rucks Department of Management.

* A minor in International Business is also available.