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Digital Pen

Funded using Section 408 monies, the HSRG partnered with the Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems (SDEIS) to conduct a longitudinal pilot study to evaluate the effectiveness, accuracy, and timeliness of motorcycle officers collecting crash data information using paper crash reports and a digital pen. Information collected within the digital pen, as the officer completes the paper crash report, can then be electronically processed using the LACRASH software and submitted to the state's crash database.

Benefits and Enhancements of the Digital Pen

  • Enhanced timeliness: elimination of extra steps from submitting paper reports
  • Improved accuracy: reduction in human error that is traditionally involved in the paper manual process
  • Completeness: simplifies process of data entry, utilizing a familiar writing tool (ink pen) should improve the level of completeness
  • Cost effective: alternative to paper reports when laptops are not feasible