Don Chance

Don M. Chance

James C. Flores Endowed Chair of MBA Studies
Professor, Department of Finance
Professor, Flores MBA Program
2909 Business Education Complex North
501 South Quad Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone: 225-578-0372
Fax: 225-578-6366

Biographical Summary

Don M. Chance, Ph.D., CFA, holds the James C. Flores Endowed Chair of MBA Studies and is Professor of Finance at the E. J. Ourso College of Business at Louisiana State University. He previously held the William H. Wright, Jr. Endowed Chair for Financial Services at LSU, and the First Union Professorship in Financial Risk Management at Virginia Tech. Prior to his academic career, he worked for a large southeastern bank. Professor Chance has had numerous articles published in academic and practitioner journals and has authored three books: An Introduction to Derivatives and Risk Management (9th ed.) co-authored with Robert Brooks, Essays in Derivatives: Risk Transfer Tools and Topics Made Easy (2nd ed.), and Analysis of Derivatives for the CFA Program. His recent research examines asset allocation and investment performance measurement, executive stock options, the risk aversion of high-level executives, human aspects of risk management, corporations who accept blame and blame others, dividends as options, risk management in sports, and the economic efficiency of hybrid vehicles, He is often quoted in the media on matters related to derivatives and risk management as well as financial markets and the economy in general. He has extensive experience conducting professional training programs, and his consulting practice (Omega Risk Advisors, LLC) serves companies, organizations, and law firms. He is also involved in the development and writing of the derivatives curriculum in the C.F.A. program. In his spare time he plays guitar, composes music, and has a guitar vocal act.. In also enjoys exercise, and in 2016 he completed a 26-mile hike over the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.


  • PhD Finance, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, 1980
  • BS Business Administration, University of Montevallo, Montevallo, AL, 1972
  • MBA Finance, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, 1973

Awards & Honors

  • C. Stewart Shepard Award, CFA Institute, 2015
  • Distinguished Faculty Award, LSU, 2014


  • Teaching Interests: risk management, financial derivatives, fixed income securities, corporate finance
  • Research Interests: risk management, financial derivatives, indexing, exchange traded funds, fixed income securities

Selected Research Publications

  • Chance, D., Bui, D., and Stephens, C. (2019). Does the Choice between Listing on the NYSE versus Nasdaq Matter? An Examination of Firms that Voluntarily Move from the NYSE to Nasdaq. 19(7), 18-48.
  • Chance, D.. FI-nance or Fi-NANCE: How 100 Experts Pronounce the Word. Journal of Financial Education.
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  • Chance, D. (2019). An Option Pricing Approach to Corporate Dividends and the Capital Investment Financing Decision. Review of Financial Economics, 37, 541-553.
  • Chance, D. and Kim, S.. An Empirical Analysis of Corporate Currency Risk Management Policies and Practices. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, 47, 109-128.
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  • Chance, D. (1983). Floating Rate Notes and Immunization. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 18, 365-380.


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  • Chance, D. (2003). Analysis of Derivatives for the CFA Program. Charlottesville, VA: Association for Investment Management and Research.

Working Papers

  • Hoskins, S. Bissell, Nordlund, J., and Chance, D. (2019). Gender Differences in Earnings Call Transcripts

Professional and Service Activities

  • MBA Admissions and Curriculum, Committee Member (August 1, 2013 - July 31, 2014)
  • Promotion and Tenure Committee, Committee Member (August 1, 2013 - July 31, 2014)
  • Promotion and Tenure Committee, Committee Member (August 1, 2012 - July 31, 2013)
  • MBA Admissions and Curriculum, Committee Member (August 1, 2012 - July 31, 2013)

Media Contributions

  • Other; Aaron Beam Speaks; 35-minute interview; 2020
  • Internet; Politico; Quoted in article about new tax law and the economy; 2018
  • Other; LSU Graduate School Newsletter; Featured Faculty Member More ; 2017

Employed by LSU since

July 1, 2003