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Breakfast to Business

Breakfast to Business is a program presented by LSU Executive Education. The aim of the program is to provide timely, practical information, and solutions regarding current business topics that affect the Baton Rouge community from a local, regional, and national perspective. 

Reigning in Employer Healthcare Costs

When: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. (Central Time)
Location: Classroom 1420 of LSU’s Business Education Complex
Breakfast included with $25.00 registration
Register online by April 16, 2019.


The ​cost ​for ​employers ​to ​provide ​healthcare ​coverage ​to ​their ​employees ​is ​growing ​at ​an ​exponential ​rate. ​Many ​employers ​are ​spending ​more ​on ​health ​care ​costs ​than ​they ​are ​on ​reinvesting ​money ​back ​into ​their ​company. ​It ​is ​reported ​that ​Starbucks ​spends ​more ​on ​healthcare ​than ​coffee ​beans ​and ​GM ​spends ​more ​on ​healthcare ​than ​steel. ​​Fending ​off ​these ​accelerating ​healthcare ​costs ​is ​becoming ​a ​business ​survival ​necessity ​for ​those ​who ​truly ​pay ​for ​it- ​the ​employers. Using ​a ​new ​view ​of ​"health ​instead ​of ​healthcare" ​and ​without ​the ​typical ​costly ​"wellness" ​programs, ​employers ​can ​take ​control ​of ​these ​escalating ​costs ​all ​while ​doing ​more ​to ​encourage ​improvement ​in ​the ​health ​and ​well-being ​of ​their ​employees. ​ ​
Join ​Steve ​Levin, ​PT, ​OCS, ​FAAOMPT ​as ​he ​presents ​innovative ​steps ​to ​switch ​focus ​from ​insurance ​industry ​focused ​healthcare ​to ​the ​broader ​role ​of ​employee ​health ​in ​an ​effort ​to ​save ​money.

Steve ​received ​his ​physical ​therapy ​degree ​from ​the ​University ​of ​Alberta ​in ​Edmonton ​and ​a ​master's ​degree ​in ​rehabilitation ​science ​from ​the ​University ​of ​British ​Columbia ​in ​Vancouver. ​He ​continued ​with ​post ​graduate ​training ​becoming ​a ​Board ​Certified ​Orthopaedic ​Specialist ​through ​the ​American ​Board ​of ​Physical ​Therapy ​Specialties. ​Steve ​later ​completed ​certification ​through ​the ​Manual ​Therapy ​Institute. ​He ​gained ​fellow ​status ​in ​2013 ​and  ​is ​one ​of ​11 ​fellowship ​trained ​physical ​therapists ​in ​the ​state ​of ​Louisiana. ​Steve ​has ​a ​diverse ​background ​in ​both ​educational ​and ​professional ​settings, ​focused ​on ​orthopedic ​treatment ​and ​manual ​therapy. ​He ​was ​a ​teaching ​assistant ​in ​the ​Physiotherapy ​Program ​in ​Vancouver, ​Canada ​and ​clinical ​instructor ​for ​LSU ​physical ​therapy ​students. ​He ​has ​published ​research ​in ​professional ​journals ​and ​has ​served ​as ​a ​reviewer ​for ​The ​Journal ​of ​Manual ​and ​Manipulative ​Therapy ​and ​Manual ​Therapy. ​He ​is ​co-owner ​of ​Delta ​Physical ​Therapy.

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