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Award Winners

Faculty and Teaching Assistant Awards

The Department of Economics presents faculty and teaching assistant awards each year to outstanding instructors and teaching assistants. The 2019 awards were presented by department chair, Faik Koray. The recipients of the awards are listed below.

Excellence in Teaching Award:

2019: Charles Rousselno photo available

2018: Richard Stahl, right.Award image of Richard Stahl

2017: Charles Roussel
2016: Doug Weimer
2015: Charles Roussel
2014: Richard Stahl

Excellence in Teaching Award: Undergraduate Instructor

2019: Barton Willage, right.Award image of Barton Willage

2018: Louis-Phillipe Beland, right.Awards image of Louis-Phillipe Beland

2017: Areendam Chanda
2016: Ozkan Eren
2015: Briggs Depew
2014: Faik Koray

Excellence in Teaching Award: Teaching Assistant

2019: Kien Le, right.Award image of Kien Le

2018: Peter Gingeleskie, right.Awards image of Peter Gingeleskie

2017: Grace Arnold
2016: Omer Durson
2015: Satadru Das
2014: Chandan Jha

Outstanding Student Awards

The Department of Economics presents economics and international trade & finance student awards each year to outstanding students in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics. The students are selected by the economics faculty and although there are no specific requirements, the faculty consider how well rounded a student is as well as their classroom performance. The 2019 awards were presented by department chair, Faik Koray. The recipients of the awards are listed below.

Microeconomics Award:

2019: Taylor Luke, right.Award image of Taylor Luke

2018: Mohammed Alshehr, right. Mohammed Alshehri awards image

2017: Preston Watts
2016: Michael Denham
2015: Chandler Rose
2014: Kyle Wedge
2013: Garrett Ordner
2012: Daniel Foster

Macroeconomics Award:

2019: Margaret Higginsno photo available

2018: Olevia Sharbaugh, right. Olevia Sharbaugh awards image

2017: Nathan Lilly
2016: John McCool
2015: Dalya Adams, Therese Jembeck
2014: Tyler Hood
2013: Eric Newberry
2012: Kelsey Canizaro

Econometrics Award:

2019: Sean Krieg, right.Award image of Sean Krieg

2018: Michael Cobar, right. 
Michael Cobar awards image
2017: Nicholas Lacoste, Preston Watts
2016: Erika Haguette
2015: Dayla Adams
2014: Garrett Ordner
2013: Scott Kincade
2012: Nicole White


Omicron Delta Epsilon

The LSU Chapter of Omicron Delta Epsilon, the international honor society of economics, welcomes new members.

2018: Olevia Sharbaugh, left. Presented by Richad Stahl.

Omicron Delta Epsilon Olevia Sharbaugh awards image