MAcc Basic Curriculum | LSU Department of Accounting

MAcc - Master of Accountancy

Basic Curriculum

Course Hours
ACCT 4022 Advanced Accounting 3

Tax- Students must choose one of the following:

ACCT 4221 - Income Tax Accounting II
ACCT 7201 - Tax Aspects of Business Entities (Fall only)
ACCT 7210 - Tax Research, Planning and Business Decision Making

ACCT 7021 Advanced Theory of Accounts 3
Auditing- Students must choose one of the following:
ACCT 7222 - Auditing Theory and Standards
ACCT 7233 - Graduate Internal Auditing I (internal audit students only; Spring Only)
ACCT 7235 - Fraud Auditing (Fall Only)
BLAW 4203 Commercial Transactions for Accountants 3
ISDS 7024 Advanced Statistical Analysis for Research I (Fall only) 3
An analytics course - See MAcc Advisor 3
General Electives - Must be selected from courses in the College of Business 9


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