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Laura D. Wiley
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Department of Accounting
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BS Accounting

What is Accounting?

Accounting is the language of business that defines transactions so that they can be used to describe business activities in a commonly understood format. Learning the language allows an individual to communicate and understand the financial operations of any and all types of organizations. To help with learning this language is the Department of Accounting faculty, who publish articles in top academic and professional journals, write textbooks and trade books, and are active participants in the accounting profession.

Opportunities in Accounting

Areas: Auditing, Corporate Accounting, Government Accounting, Information Systems, Tax Planning/Compliance, Assurance and Tax

Employers: Public Accounting Firms, Government Agencies, Banks/Financial Institutions, Energy Companies, Healthcare Industry, Manufacturing Companies, Consulting Practices, Service Companies

Professions: ‚ÄčTax Professional, External Auditor, Financial Accountant, Financial Manager, Budget Director, Internal Auditor, Investment Strategist, Entrepreneur

BS in Accounting

The bachelor of accounting is a 120-hour program that trains students to show proficiency in accounting technology, demonstrate research skills, defend proposed solutions to accounting problems, and improve communication skills.


The BS in accounting curriculum is available in the LSU Catalog. For access to previous catalogs, visit the the LSU Catalog webpage.

Eligibility for CPA License

The Department of Accounting offers both bachelor's (120 hours) and master's (30 hours) degrees, allowing students to earn a graduate degree while completing the required 150 hours to be eligible to become a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

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