Workforce Development

In addition to ground-breaking research, LSU is an engine for workforce development. LSU produces approximately 8,500 graduates annually across the state of Louisiana. Many of these graduates are in high-demand fields, and contribute to growing industry in the state. For LSU’s Health Science Centers in New Orleans and Shreveport, it’s notable that nearly ⅔ of physicians stay in the state where they received their education.

Louisiana is in the midst of its largest economic expansion with $60-$80 billion in projects, and is reliant on higher education to produce more than 22,600 new completers to address immediate, short-term workforce gaps. Industry is expecting Louisiana colleges and universities to deliver 80,000 skilled and educated employees at a rate of 14,000 new graduates per year for the next six years.

As part of the WISE Act, LSU began strategically investing in areas that serve as the foundation to build Louisiana’s current and future economy such as Energy, Coast, Computation, Biotechnology, Medical, and other four- or five-star job-related fields as defined by the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

All institutions within the LSU System are essential to creating skilled graduates that are not only job ready, but poised to become industry leaders and pioneer new sectors of growth.