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2017-18:  The Year Ahead

The Committee ended the 2016-17 academic year with discussions regarding the new university strategic plan scheduled for release in fall 2017, the new IT Governance Council scheduled to kickoff in late summer 2017, and the role of APIC in assisting with these new initiatives. As APIC begins its third year, the purpose will be revisited and revised, as needed, to focus the efforts of the Committee's work in a meaningful manner. 

We look forward to our continued work with faculty and staff to identify administrative process concerns and to suggest opportunities for enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of these processes campus-wide. Please submit a concern via the link provided on the home page or send questions to


During the 2016-17 academic year, APIC placed an emphasis on exploring solutions to help with information sharing and communications across campus. Two key initiatives were launched based on these efforts.

  • The Committee recognized the need for a centralized area to find key information. In partnership with Strategic Communications the idea for an employee hub came to life and launched in fall 2017.  [See news release.]

  • The Committee heard concerns regarding an inability to find training opportunites available on campus. In partnership with Information Technology Services and Human Resource Management, the Training and Event registration site was expanded for a more comprehensive resource to help faculty and staff find a variety of training sessions.

The Admnistrative Process Improvement Committee was formed in fall 2015 as a collaborative initiative of the Executive Vice President and Provost and the Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO. During the first year of operation APIC focused on the following elements:  developed a website, including a comment form to submit concerns; reviewed and responded to concerns (see "Responses-Archive"); and delved into two of the top concerns expressed, travel and parking (see "FAQs").