Travel FAQs

As APIC reviews concerns, subject matter experts are invited to assist in understanding and resolving the issues, as appropriate.  The following sections provide the valuable information received thus far. 

Our many thanks to Donna Torres, Associate Vice President for Accounting Services, and Patrice Gremillion, Director for Accounts Payable & Travel, for their assistance.

Additional travel-related information can be found at Accounts Payable and Travel.

Why do we need to use Shorts Travel when traveling on LSU business?

Shorts’ Travel is the state mandated contracted travel agency that is to be used by LSU employees and LSU students.  Guests/vendors are not required to book their airfare through Shorts’ unless the air fare is paid by LaCarte/CBA.

Can I drive my own car on a business trip and get reimbursed for full mileage?

Full mileage can be reimbursed for instate travel if driving to your business destination.  If driving out of state, the mileage is limited as follows:  If driving for the traveler’s convenience the mileage is limited to a Shorts’ lowest logistical airfare quote.  If driving out of state at the request of the University, justification required, the mileage is limited to a Shorts’ lowest logistical airfare quote plus a rental vehicle quote (from a contracted rental vehicle company) for the business destination. Mileage to/from a common carrier is limited to one round trip.

Does LSU offer any training sessions in how to book travel arrangements using Shorts Travel?

There is an online traveler’s guide available on the Accounts Payable & Travel website.

What are the advantages of using Shorts website versus talking with an agent on the phone when booking travel through Shorts?

The traveler is able to purchase the ticket at his/her convenience and saves time going back and forth with the agent over flights and times.

If I find a better price for a flight than is available through Shorts, can I book the lower priced flight?

For domestic travel the traveler must have prior approval from the LSU Travel Manager to purchase the airfare through another vendor.  For International travel the traveler must email Short’s the proposed itinerary and the complete cost.  All request should be copied to the LSU Travel Manager.  If Shorts’ can match or beat the airfare the airfare must be purchased through Shorts.  If Shorts’ cannot match or beat the airfare then the traveler is free to book the airfare through the other vendor.  The email from Shorts’ must be attached to the LaCarte/CBA entry or reimbursement to show that Shorts’ could not match or beat the airfare.   Short’s has 24 hours to respond to the email.  If Shorts’ does not respond within 24 hours the traveler is free to book the airfare from the alternate vendor.  Guest/contractors are not required to book their travel through Short’s unless the air fare is paid by LaCarte/CBA.

What receipts do I need to keep in order to be reimbursed for my travel?

Original itemized receipts are required for all travel expenses except: local bus, subway, street car under $15.00 per day; per diem meals; ferry, toll charges & parking under $5.00; baggage/valet tips.

What should I do if an emergency situation arises while I am traveling that necessitates a change in itinerary?

Call Shorts’ Travel. If calling after-hours traveler must have a true emergency (could not wait until next business day to call) that required the airfare to be changed.  The after-hours fee is reimbursable if a true emergency.

TOLL FREE: (888) 846-6810
FAX: (319) 433-0847

After 5 p.m. and on weekends.

This service is for after-hours travel only and not for booking advanced travel.

Can I book a hotel other than a conference hotel and get reimbursed?

Yes.  Travelers will be reimbursed the cost of their lodging as long as they have documentation from the conference organizers that states the conference nightly lodging rate and the hotel that they choose does not require any additional transportation costs to get from the nonconference hotel to the conference hotel.  Also, a nonconference hotel can be booked if the nightly lodging rate is within the routine lodging rate specified in PM-13 for that tier city.

Who needs to approve my travel?

All travel must be approved by the traveler’s supervisor (or his/her designee) or the person with fiscal responsibility unless the Campus and/or Department requires a higher level of approval.

How can I book air fare for a group so that everyone is on the same itinerary? 

If there are multiple travelers for the same trip you must call Short’s travel to book the flights.

If my flight is cancelled, will I be charged a rebooking fee? 

If a ticket must be reissued, there will be a charge to rebook the airfare.

How do I make travel arrangements when the Shorts Travel website is down?

Call a Short’s Travel agent. Short’s Travel will only charge the online booking fee to book the travel arrangements.

What are the per diem amounts?

Please refer to Appendix a of PM-13 at the following web address:

What happens if the per diem is exceeded?

Travelers will be reimbursed up to per diem. If you have a conference meal which is more than the per diem payment you must seek approval for the additional reimbursement on the Authorization to Travel.

You will be reimbursed per diem. If you have a conference meal which is more than the per diem payment you must seek approval for the additional reimbursement on the Authorization to Travel.

How much is allowed for tips?

  • Baggage tips at airport $3.00 outbound and $3.00 inbound.
  • Hotel $3.00 check in and $3.00 check out.
  • $2.00/day for valet.

What are the rules regarding checked bags?

Travelers may be reimbursed for one checked bag for business travel less than 5 days and two checked bags for business travel that exceeds 5 days. For additional baggage, travelers must provide justification. In addition, travelers will be reimbursed for excess baggage charges (overweight baggage) only in the following circumstances:

  1. When traveling with heavy or bulky materials or equipment necessary for business.
  2. The excess baggage consists of organization records or property.

What are the requirements for airport parking?

The current contract rate is $3.50 per day when parking at the Baton Rouge Airport.    Documentation required to receive the contract rate is the BR Parking airport certificate and a University ID. The airport certificate is available at on the Accounts Payable and Travel website. Travelers must present both to the parking attendant upon exiting the facility. 

The current contract rate is $7 per day at Park N’ Fly when flying out of the New Orleans Airport. Travelers are encouraged to book reservations in advance using promotion code 0050056 at This link can be found on the Accounts Payable and Travel website under Park N’ Fly – Book Airport Parking. For those employees who choose to pay at the time of exit, a University ID or a valid ID with a University business card and the tax exempt form is required to receive the state contract rate. The tax exempt form is available at on the Accounts Payable and Travel website under Travel – AS Forms – R-1392: Sales Tax Exemption for Employee Travel Expenses. This form must be requested and approved from Accounts Payable and Travel prior to the trip. If parking at another facility, travelers may be paid up to $7 per day with a receipt.

When is special seating on a flight permitted? How approved?

The University will reimburse a coach/economy seat.  With the approval of the traveler’s supervisor the University will reimburse the cost of a preferred seat.  The approval must indicate that it is in the best interest of the University to provide a preferred seat and why.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with Shorts? (Is there a general contact to email or call?)

Ask to speak to a Short’s manager TOLL FREE: (888) 846-6810 – or contact Patrice Gremillion or Donna Torres.