Dean's Scholarship Fund 


Educating the Next Generation of Agricultural Leaders

Attracting high school students who have a passion for the land, natural resources, food and fiber is requisite to ensuring the LSU College of Agriculture’s success in educating and graduating tomorrow’s agricultural leaders. Equally vital is keeping our best and brightest, by offering scholarship support to pursue advanced degrees here at LSU and making them well-informed of the many career opportunities in agriculture. 


Addressing the National Shortage of Agriculture Workers

GradsNationally, the demand for college graduates with agricultural degrees far exceeds the number of new graduates entering the workforce. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports an estimated 57,900 high-skilled U.S. job openings annually in the food, agriculture, renewable natural resources and environment fields. With just 35,400 new U.S. graduates with a bachelor’s degree or higher in agriculturally related fields each year, supply falls 22,500 short of demand. The world population will grow to more than 9 billion by 2050, further increasing the importance of agriculture graduates to our future.

The LSU College of Agriculture is responding to the national need for agricultural workers by focusing on growing our student body. Three full-time recruiters dedicated to agriculture are scouting top talent throughout Louisiana and out of state. Our dual enrollment program offered to Louisiana high schools gives students a leg up in LSU agriculture courses, in which they consistently excel. Our successes in recruiting, though, are meaningful only if we have sufficient scholarship funding to attract and retain top students.

Over the past few years in Louisiana and nationally, higher education has sustained deep cuts in state funding. College tuition and fees have increased. Students and their families have incurred more debt.  And competition among universities to recruit top talent is fierce. TOPS scholarship awards offset a portion of college expenses, but many high-achieving students need additional scholarship funding to bridge the gap for costs not covered by the program. Scholarships for out-of-state students also can make the difference in putting an LSU education in reach. 


Transforming Lives

Your generosity expands the pipeline of agricultural scientists, educators, innovators and industry leaders who will address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Scholarships RNRgive us the ability to offer a hand to that student who might be the first of his or her family to attend college, to the student who works part-time to put himself or herself through school and to a top graduate who wishes to earn an advanced degree from LSU but is recruited by institutions with more competitive fellowships.


Giving to the Dean’s Scholarship Fund

The collective benefits of gifts of any size from our community of donors attracts the brightest students to carry on LSU’s rich agricultural heritage. Donors who give at least $1,000 annually are included as members of the Dean’s Council. To let you know how much your investment means, we will share periodic updates about the future agricultural leaders who will protect our natural resources and feed and clothe our growing world population.


Plant a seed. Grow our future. Support student scholarships to open doors, expand opportunities and change lives forever.