LSU College of Agriculture Dean's Council Members


Stephen and Lisa Birnbaum

Leslie Blanchard and Greg Scevik

James and Judith Burt

Mason and Ruth Carter

Bill and Alice Calloway

Stephen and Mary Crisler

Ruben and Laura Dauzat

Katherine D’Aquila

Wayne and Jo Anne Davis

Gerry and Jill Dill

Phil and Julie Elzer

Gina Eubanks

R.H. and Elizabeth Gambel

Bill and Karen Gleason

Ryan and Kristen Grizzaffi

Leo and Ann Guedry

Patrick and Lee Harrison

Robert and Gertrude Hawkins

Michael Hensgens

William and Fredda Hobgood

Charles Hodson

Clayton and Kerri Hurdle

Ann Jones

Wayne and Bettye Jordan

Joe and Judith Kelly

Lindsey Kelly and Kristen Bateman

Kenneth and Judy Koonce

Luke and Sonja Laborde

Peggy Laborde

Thomas and Ann Laborde

Chad and Jamie LeBlanc

Nick and Amanda Martin

David and Liz Means

Hollis and Catherine O'Neal

Ashley and Amy Peters

Gene and Sheila Reagan

Bill and CC Richardson

M. Dale Rockett

Zac Romanowsky and Lindsey Fussell

Sata Sathasivan

William and Susan Sheetz

Daniel Viator

Don and Alice Welge

Klaus and Linda Wiemer

Joe and Janine Williams

Ray and Dorothy Young