Nutrition and Food Sciences


The Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition and food sciences provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary for careers in the food or healthcare industries, education, or government. This applied program requires a strong math and science core. The dietetics concentration provides expertise in nutrition and food service management in a variety of settings, including public and private schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, care centers, the armed services, research laboratories, commercial and industrial establishments, and local, state and federal health programs.

Career Possibilities: dietitian, research technician, middle or high school teacher [with proper certification], nutrition teacher, sustainability specialist, wellness coordinator.


Semester 1

CRITICAL: “C” or better in ENGL 1001ENGL 1001 English Composition (3)BIOL 1201 Biology for Science Majors I (3)BIOL 1208 Biology Laboratory for Science Majors I (1)MATH 1023 College Algebra and Trigonometry (5)CHEM 1201 General Chemistry I (3)

Total Semester Hours: 15

Semester 2

CRITICAL: NFS 1110; CHEM 1201.CHEM 1202 General Chemistry (3)CHEM 1212 General Chemistry Laboratory (2)NFS 1110 Introduction to Nutritional Sciences (3)PSYC 2000 Introduction to Psychology (3)ANTH 1003 Introduction to Cultural and Social Anthropology (or)SOCL 2001 Introductory Sociology (3) Total Semester Hours: 14


Semester 3

CRITICAL: NFS 1014.NFS 1014 Food Theory and Skills (4)CHEM 2060 Survey of Organic Chemistry (3)NFS 2112 Human Lifecycle Nutrition (3)BIOL 2160 Human Physiology (3)NFS 2110 Methods of Nutritional Assessment (3)

Total Semester Hours: 16

Semester 4

CRITICAL: CHEM 2060.EXST 2201 Introduction to Statistical Analysis (4)NFS 2000 Fundamentals of Food Science (3)BIOL 2083The Elements of Biochemistry (3)NFS 3110 Nutrition Counseling and Education (3)General Education course - Arts (3)

Total Semester Hours: 16


Semester 5

CRITICAL: BIOL 2083.BIOL 1011 Microorganisms and Man (3)BIOL 1012 Microorganisms and Man Laboratory (1)NFS 3000 Food Safety (3)KIN 2500 Human Anatomy (3)CMST 2060 Public Speaking (3)NFS 3025 Professionalism in Dietetics (3)

Total Semester Hours: 16

Semester 6

ENGL 2000 English Composition (3)NFS 3114 Food and Culture (3)NFS 3115 Human Nutrition and Metabolism (3)NFS 3116 Community Nutrition (3)MGT 3200 Principles of Management (3)

Total Semester Hours: 15


Semester 7

NFS 4111 Nutrition and Disease I (4)NFS 3119 Fundamentals of Quantity Food Production (4)General Education course - Humanities (3)1Elective (3)

Total Semester Hours: 14

Semester 8

NFS 4023 Management in Dietetics (3)NFS 4021 Contemporary Topics in Nutrition (1)NFS 4110 Capstone in Nutritional Sciences (3)NFS 4114 Nutrition and Disease II (4)General Education course - Humanities (3)

Total Semester Hours: 14





1- General Education Humanities: three hours chosen from a 2000-level English course on the General Education list.