Danyi Qi

Assistant Professor

224 Martin D. Woodin Hall

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Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness


  • Food Waste, Food Policy, Nutrition and Health
  • Sustainability
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Experimental Economics


Curriculum Vitae




Ph.D. Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, The Ohio State University,  Columbus,  Ohio, 2018

B.A.  Finance, Sichuan University,   Chengdu, Sichuan, China,  2013 


Danyi Qi is Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness at Louisiana State University. Her primary research focuses on the promoting sustainable and healthy food system with specific interests related to food waste, consumer behavior, and nutrition and health. Her research employs a combination of theoretical, experimental and empirical methods to understand consumer food related behaviors and examine the effects of proposed food policies on consumer food consumption, intake and waste behaviors.


Qi, D., & Roe, B. E. 2018. Creating Value for Customers, Clients, Partners and Society: An Introduction to the Special Issue on Food Waste. Journal of Food Products Marketing, 24(5), 495499.

Roe, B. E., Apolzan, J. W., Qi, D., Allen, H. R., & Martin, C. K. 2018. "Plate waste of adults in the United States measured in free-living conditions." PLOS ONE 13.2: e0191813.

Qi, D. and Roe, B. E., 2017. “Foodservice Composting Crowds Out Consumer Food Waste Reduction Behavior in a Dining Experiment,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 99(5), 1159-1171.

Qi, D. and Roe, B. E., 2016. “Household Food Waste: Multivariate Regression and Principal Components Analyses of Awareness and Attitudes among US Consumers,” PLOS ONE, 11(7), p.e0159250 (Among the top 1% most downloaded PLOS ONE articles in 2016).


Course Number Course Name
AGEC 4203

 Intermediate Food and Fiber Products Marketing

AGEC 4243

Food Products Marketing

AGEC 7103 Advanced Statistical Methods in Agriculture


Qi, D., B. E. Roe, $3,000, “Estimating Impacts of Food Waste Policy on Consumer Ordering, Intake, and Waste of Food”, Decision Sciences Collaborative Pilot Grant. FUNDED, 2017-18 

Roe, B. E., A. Specht, E. Buck, A. S. Arroyo-Rodriguez, A. Dial and M. Long, and D. Qi, $62,750, “OSU Collaborative to Reduce & Redirect Consumer Food Waste,” InFACT Discovery Theme and OSU Sustainability Fund. FUNDED, 2016-17

Qi, D., B. E. Roe, $3,000, ‘Impacts of Block Availability on Students’ Food Consumption and Food Waste,’ Student Research Funding in Energy, Environment and Sustainability, UNFUNDED, 2015-16

Qi, D., D. Ma, ¥500, “Feasibility analysis of Chengdu as the western financial center in China”, Xinhuo Undergraduate Research Grant. FUNDED, 2011-12