Extension of the Tenure Clock under COVID-19

The Novel Coronavirus has interrupted the pathway of advancement and has created extenuating circumstances for the promotion and tenure process. For that reason, faculty will be granted a one-year, opt-out extension to the tenure clock. An outline has been provided below which offers specific details of the COVID-19 extension. A PowerPoint presentation has been developed to provide information on standard and extenuating guidelines for PS-36T. If you have any additional questions, please email academicaffairs@lsu.edu

Who is eligible?

  • Tenure-track faculty member who has not been given a notice of non-reappointment.
  • Tenure-track faculty member for whom the mandatory tenure review has not begun.

Eligible under what circumstances?

  • This is the one and only time a faculty member may use COVID-19 as the justification for an extension.

When should a request be made?

  • At the recommendation of the Faculty Senate this is an opt out process.
  • All untenured faculty members have been granted a one-year extension of the tenure clock.
  • This extension also delays the third-year review for faculty in their first two years of service.
  • If you accept this extension, you do not need to do anything.

Are there considerations prior to approval?

  • None, it is automatic.
  • HRM will batch upload the extensions into Workday.


  • If you know now, e-mail an opt-out request by May 1 to jcassid@lsu.edu.
  • In the future, you may initiate the request by April 1 prior to your original mandatory year.

What are the communication guidelines during the P&T process?

  • Faculty committees oriented to the appropriate treatment of these cases.
  • External reviewers are provided information about these procedures and how evaluators are to consider extensions of the tenure clock.