TEF Guidelines & Procedures


In appreciation of the support and patronage of the LSU faculty, Campus Federal Credit Union has established the Teaching Enhancement Fund to provide faculty with opportunities to attend conferences that will enhance their teaching skills and strategies and/or support the dissemination of their scholarship specifically related to teaching and learning.


The Office of Academic Affairs accepts applications from faculty members for reimbursable expenses for participation in teaching enhancement programs or conferences, normally off-campus, to be undertaken during the academic year. Awards will consist of a maximum of $500 for domestic meetings and $700 for international meetings, although in no case can the award exceed the cost of travel and other allowable expenses incurred in connection with the meeting. Should the conference sponsor at any time provide support to the faculty member, this amount must be disclosed and will be applied to the balance of the trip before the expenditure of LSU funds. 

Initial grant awards will be announced early in the fall and spring semesters. The criteria for successful grants will be how the proposed activity contributes to scholarly teaching and learning at LSU. Applicants who have not received TEF grants in the past will be given first priority. Please note that the TEF is for the enhancement of effective instructional strategies; applications will be considered based upon their direct relation to the enhancement of teaching. For other funding opportunities more closely related to research, please see the Office of Research & Economic Development's funding resources page

Applications will normally be considered for a maximum of one award per academic year. In cases where more than one faculty member applies to attend the same conference and where TEF funding is limited, the primary factor in awarding the grant will be the strength/merit of the proposal, and the secondary determining factor will be the order in which the applications were submitted. Exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances. In these cases, applications must be unique per faculty member. All applications must be original per faculty member.

There are many national and international conferences on teaching and learning, most often held by academic professional associations. Examples of conference topics that would be appropriate for LSU faculty and, therefore, for TEF funding include: 

  • scholarship of teaching and learning
  • experiential or service learning
  • collaborative teaching and learning strategies
  • technology and the classroom
  • innovative approaches to evaluating student performance
  • discipline-specific workshops on teaching and learning
  • innovative approaches to assessing teaching performance

Following attendance of the conference, TEF recipients will be expected to: 

  • submit a one-page summary of the event including an evaluation of what it may have contributed to teaching excellence to academicaffairs@lsu.edu. In order for a previous TEF recipient to be considered for a TEF award, the aforementioned summary of a previous activity must have been submitted to Academic Affairs.  
  • attend a Campus Federal Credit Union-hosted event during the academic year, and if requested, present a short (two minute) presentation on how the conference contributed to excellence in teaching.

All full-time and part-time LSU faculty teaching undergraduate and/or graduate students are eligible to apply. Faculty on leave without pay are not eligible unless approved as an exception by the Senior Vice Provost. An email requesting any exceptions must be sent to Senior Vice Provost Jane Cassidy. Expenditure of funds on conference-related expenses must be documented. Funds may be used only for conference attendance. Please refer to the University Travel Regulations, as outlined in PM-13


Once a call for applications has been made, complete the on-line application form. The Office of Academic Affairs reviews all applications. All applicants will receive notification of the award by email. This message will also contain instructions for processing the travel voucher. 

Two weeks following attendance of your conference, please submit a one-page summary of the event, including an evaluation of what it may have contributed to teaching excellence, to Senior Vice Provost Jane Cassidy at academicaffairs@lsu.edu.

For more information, please contact Ryan Landry at 225-578-5561 or rland24@lsu.edu.

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