Construction Zone

Areas of the LSU SVM that are under repair or construction:

Location Project Name Comments
VTH Small Animal Clinic Exam Rooms Renovations are in process and scheduled to be completed in December 2017
ADM Lobby Update Lobby Paneling will be removed in the main lobby, as will the glass display case; scheduled to take place in December 2017
2nd Floor Room 2418 Room 2418 is being converted to a walk-in cooler for research; this is in process
2nd Floor Room 2416 Room 2416 is being converted to a walk-in freezer for research; this is in process
Barn Surgery Floor Resurfacing Floor resurfacing in west equine surgery room in process now and scheduled for completion in January 2018; the east equine surgery room resurfacing will begin when the west room is complete
Library Library Renovations Scheduled to begin in January 2018 and be completed in August 2018
2nd Floor 1st- and 2nd-year Classroom Renovations Classroom expansions are scheduled to begin in February 2018
2nd floor Multipurpose Lab (2105) Renovation Sheduled to begin in March 2018
1st Floor Anatomy Lab Renovation Scheduled to begin in March 2018
1st floor DLAM Expansion Scheduled to begin in spring 2018
ADM Lobby Replace Doors An oversized sliding door will be put in the lobby in spring 2018
Modular Building Clinical Skills Lab Area Modular building is being renovated to accommodate a Clinical Skills Lab in spring 2018