Academic and Events Calendar


Fall 2017    
August 7 Block 4 begins Veterinary Teaching Hospital
August 11 Freshman Leadership Experience  
August 11-16 Year I Orientation  
August 14 Fall Semester begins  
August 16 Family Orientation SVM Auditorium
August 16 Blue Coat Ceremony SVM Auditorium
September 4 Labor Day Holiday  
September 5 Block 5 begins  Veterinary Teaching Hospital
September 27 Phi Zeta Research Emphasis Day SVM Auditorium and first floor corridors
October 2 Block 6 begins  Veterinary Teaching Hospital
October 19-20 Fall Holiday for Years I, II and III  
October 25 Dean's Grand Rounds SVM Auditorium
October 30 Block 7 begins Veterinary Teaching Hospital
November 13 - December 9 Fall NAVLE window  
November 23-24 Thanksgiving Holiday  
November 27 - December 8 Problem-based Learning for Year II  
Novemer 29 Dean's Grand Rounds SVM Auditorium
December 4 Block 8 begins (6-week block) Veterinary Teaching Hospital
December 8 Semester ends  
December 11 Final day for grades to Student Affairs  
December 15 Diploma Distribution Ceremony for LSU SVM MS and PhD degrees SVM, 1212C
December 15 LSU Commencement  
December 25 - January 2 Christmas and New Year's Holidays  


Spring 2018    
January 3 Spring Semester begins  
Januar 3-16 Problem-based Learning for Year I  
January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday  
January 16 Block 9 begins Veterianry Teaching Hospital
January 20 Open House LSU School of Vet. Med.
January 29 USDA Accreditation Seminar SVM Auditorium
January 31 Dean's Grand Rounds SVM Auditorium
February 2 White Coat Ceremony LSU Royal Cotillion Ballroom 
February 2 Phase 2 Orientation  3rd Year Classroom
February 2 Phase 1 ends for Year III  
February 12 Phase 2 starts; Block 10 Veterinary Teaching Hospital
February 12-13 Mardi Gras Holiday, Years I and II  
February 13 Mardi Gras Holiday  
February 28 Dean's Grand Rounds SVM Auditorium
March 12 Block 11 begins Veterinary Teaching Hospital
March Faculty/Grad Student Research Dinner LSU Union
March SAVMA Symposium  U Penn
March 21 Dean's Grand Rounds SVM Auditorium
March 26-30 Spring Break  
March 30 Good Friday Holiday  
April 9-21 Spring NAVLE window  
April 9 Block 12 begins Veterinary Teaching Hospital
April 27 Awards and Honors Banquet SVM Auditorium
May 3 Final day for grades for Year IV  
May 4 Semester ends for Years I and II; last day for Year IV  
May 7 Block 1 begins Veterinary Teaching Hospital
May 7 Commencement for the SVM Class of 2018  LSU Union Theater
May 11 Diploma Distribution Ceremony for MS/PhD  
May 11 LSU Commencement