Accountability Meeting

After reviewing the information supporting the alleged violation, the Dean of Students will discuss the allegations with the student(s) involved.

The Dean may choose to defer the matter for additional investigation. Upon receiving a Charge Letter from Student Advocacy & Accountability, the student should note the administrative meeting date, time and location included in the letter. This meeting is scheduled with the student's class schedule in mind; however, students are able to reschedule by calling the SAA office.  At the accountability meeting, the student can expect to review the information and circumstances surrounding the incident.  Students will also be asked to prepare a written statement, which may be prepared in advance. If the information is sufficient to justify such action, the student will be informed that the University is bringing formal charges under the Code.

The student may request the charge be referred to a University Hearing Panel or may request the Dean of Students to resolve the matter administratively.

The accountability meeting is held with an SAA Official (hearing officer) who will administratively review the information presented by the reporting person and the charged student.  This administrative meeting is informal in nature and the charged student will be asked to share information about the incident in question.  Students may have an adivsor present for the meeting, but it is not required and most students attend this meeting on their own.  Once the SAA Official has gathered all relevant information, he or she will issue an accountability outcome administratively to the charged student via letter.

The student may request the charge to be reheard by a University Hearing Panel by not accepting the administrative decision and accountability outcome.