Greek Board of Directors

The Greek Board of Directors ensures the welfare and continued growth and development of the Greek community while promoting Greek activities for the benefit of the Greek community at LSU.

Created in 2004, GBOD unifies Greek organizations through programs and serves as an advisory council to the office of Greek Life in a visionary role to move the Greek community forward. The Greek Board of Directors (GBOD) coordinates events such as Songfest, Greek Week, Fundraising efforts, Public Relation efforts,  and Greek Ambassadors.

Twelve (12) LSU students sit on the Greek Board of Directors.


Greek Board of Directors & Assitant Directors

President Daniel Wolf and VP Administration Megan Whittemore

Greek Ambassadors Director Mikha Romero and  Assistant Director Matthew Johnson

Public Relations Director Savannah Kirk and Assistant Director Julianne Willey

Songfest Director Jenna Partimbene and Assistant Director Brooke Fourcade 

Fundraising Director Jackson Buhler and Assistant Director Jordan Kozar

Greek Week Director Seth Pohlmann and Assistant Director Matthew Johnson