Reduce Stress

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by large projects, exams, or other college responsibilities? Has your brain ever frozen in the middle of a test? Learn how to reduce your stress and test anxiety.



Do I experience test anxiety?


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 A regular schedule of exercise, eating healthy (avoiding sugar and caffeine), and eight hours of sleep can contribute to your balance and reduce stress.


Manage test anxiety

There are many reasons for feeling stress when facing examinations. Experiencing a small degree of stress and/or anxiety is actually good for our brains in performance situations. However, if you begin to experience stress overload, then you need to learn healthy strategies to reduce your stress.


Common causes of test anxiety

  • previous problems with academic performance
  • poor preparation and cramming for the examination
  • fear of exposure because the information has not been mastered
  • focus on the ‘grade’ versus learning the material
  • negative thoughts 


Symptoms of test anxiety

Common symptons can be physical and mental such as: upset stomach, restlessness, sleep problems, muscle tension, frustrations, poor judgement, irritability, memory blocks and confusion.


Stressors & solutions

Too much information
Form a study group, evaluate your time management skills, break up tasks into manageable chunks


Class is not taught in your learning style
Adapt the information to your preferred learning style     


Your peers may have anxiety about the test as well, so do not engage in conversation before the test, sit quietly


Practice taking tests, AVOID CRAMMING, use positive self-talk, practice relaxation exercises


During exams, take deep breaths!


Other Resources

Overcoming test anxiety workshop


My Plan for Success

  1. Set a goal.

  2. What are you going to do to achieve the goal?

  3. Reflect on why you were successful or why you were not successful in achieving the goal?