Interview Practice

Practice your interview skills in "mock interviews" with one of our team members.

Want to practice interviewing skills, in general? Have a big interview with a specific employer for which you would like to practice?

Call LSU Olinde Career Center at 225-578-2162, schedule an appointment online or stop by 158 LSU Student Union (across from the ATMs) to schedule a mock interview. You will be required to use the Mock Interview module in Careers2Geaux prior to your appointment. There is no charge for either of these services.

Mock interviews through Careers2Geaux

The Mock Interview module in Careers2Geaux offers interview practice from the comfort of your home by providing mock interviews using your webcam.  The Mock Interview module offers over one thousand field-specific and level-specific questions to practice from and the ability to send your mock interview via email for others to review and provide feedback. Olinde Career Center formal Mock Interview appointments will use the Mock Interview module as a pre-appointment requirement to familiarize students with interview questions.