Internship/Co-op Registration 

It is critical...

IMMEDIATELY upon receiving an offer for an internship or co-op that you officially register your internship/co-op with LSU by contacting Amy Caillouet at 225-578-2162 or

Doing so will enable you to maintain most current scholarships, student admission status, insurance, etc.  After notifying the LSU Olinde Career Center and your access is granted, you must then complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Careers2Geaux
  2. On the Right-hand side of the page under Shortcuts, click “Create your Co-op/Internship”
  3. Click “Register your Co-op/Internship”
  4. You will need to create AND register your co-op/internship
  5. Once the code corresponding to your type of work experience has been entered into the system, a fee will be generated that will be due by the "fee payment deadline." The ITN code is used for internship experiences; the ICO code is used for industrial co-op experiences.


F1 visa students

An employer offer letter is required for students with F1 student status who wish to utilize Curricular Practical Training (CPT). You can upload your offer letter in the attachment section of your registration.


TOPS scholarship recipients

If you receive a TOPS scholarship, we will give you a letter requesting that your TOPS money be deferred during the semester(s) you work. You will receive this letter as we process your paperwork.


Requirements to participate

  • Participants in a co-op or Internship through LSU Olinde Career Center must:
  • Have completed a minimum of 24 hours of coursework at LSU (excluding advanced standing credit)
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 on all work taken in the LSU System and overall (all other college work)
  • Not be on disciplinary probation
  • Give the LSU Olinde Career Center permission to check their grades to verify the above information


Other important details

It is imperative that you notify us if you change your work plans (e.g., you decide not to begin your co-op or internship).

If you leave your co-op or internship employer prior to the end of your work term, your parent or guardian will be notified by LSU and you will be resigned from LSU effective the date you left the employer (as verified by that employer) and continuing through the end of that semester.

Please be aware a resignation may affect your full-time status with the university for such concerns as scholarships, insurance coverage and use of university services, i.e., Student Health Center, University Recreation, athletic events, campus housing, campus parking, etc.

If you are a graduate student, please check with the Graduate School and your department regarding any additional requirements that may apply. We strictly adhere to all University academic calendar dates that apply to charges and fee refunds.


Fees & charges

Students enrolled in cooperative education or internship only during the fall, spring, or summer semester pay a $50 co-op or intern fee and all full-time required fees (excluding the Student Sports Recreation and Student Health Service Fee). The required $50 co-op or intern fee goes into the university's general fund; this fee does not come to the LSU Olinde Career Center.

Students enrolled in cooperative education or an internship and one or more courses during the fall, spring, or summer semester pay the tuition appropriate for those credit hours, and all full-time required fees, excluding the Student Sports Recreation and Student Health Service Fees.

These fees run approximately $375-$400 for the fall and spring semesters, and approximately $200-$250 for the summer semester. Refer to the Office of Budget & Planning for the listing of current fees. The LSU Board of Supervisors can modify tuition and/or fees at any time without advance notice.

You will be able to view your balance due via myLSU once fee bills are available for the given semester. You will be required by the university to pay a fee each fall, spring, and/or summer semester that you register with the LSU Olinde Career Center to “go to work.” The University requires you to pay a fee that covers all student fees that are normally included with tuition; payment is required to maintain full-time status while at work. If these fees are not paid at the fee payment deadline set by the Registrar’s Office, your semester code will be purged from the system.