Engaging Students

Taking steps to promote your organization on campus can set you apart from the competition.

Students are more likely to be interested in and respond to employers who maintain a strong presence on campus. Here are just a few ideas on how you can establish a positive image at LSU so your company can recruit a strong and diverse group of students:


Participate in our Employer Drive-In Workshop.

This annual one-day workshop, including panels and presentations that vary each year, will teach you everything you need to know about having a successful recruiting season at LSU.


Publicize your event.

To help promote your event, we will post information in Careers2Geaux and via social media for students to review in advance. If you would also like to have posters or flyers displayed around campus, please use these University Contacts to send materials to departments of your choice.


Attend Fall & Spring Career Expo.

Join the 200+ organizations showcasing their organizations to students at these incredible browsing fairs each semester.


Become a STAR Employer.

This program recognizes employers that make significant contributions to the LSU Olinde Career Center and LSU community we serve. Employer gifts have played an important role in building and sustaining services essential to student success.


Become a Career Center Partner.

The state-of-the-art LSU Olinde Career Center is better suited to preparing LSU students and alumni for the world of work and is a better place for employers to recruit. Career Center Partners receive extensive recognition for their generous contributions.


Sponsor a Career Event.

Many of our career events provide opportunities for your organization to receive recognition through sponsorship. You can learn more about these opportunities at our full list of events.


Advertise in the campus newspaper.

The Daily Reveille, LSU's student paper provides a great media outlet for advertising your evening presentations and recruiting dates. (The Daily Reveille: 225-578-4810).


Contact academic departments & student organizations.

Make contact with these groups throughout the year. If you are visiting campus for interviews, be sure to contact them at least two weeks in advance so information can be announced to members and/or a personal visit arranged. (List of University Contacts coming soon.)


Advertise in the annual Student Career Guide.

Reach more than 7,000 LSU students and faculty and staff members. Contact Blake Winchell at bwinch1@lsu.edu or review the spec sheet for more information. Reserve your ad now.


Utilize Careers2Geaux.

Post current job opportunities on Careers2Geaux, our online system for job postings and on-campus interviews. 


Offer presentations & receptions.

Evening presentations and information sessions provide an opportunity for you to meet informally with students and share materials about your company prior to on-campus interviews.


Join a professional organization for recruiters & career centers.

We belong to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Southern Association of Colleges and Employers (SoACE), and Louisiana Association of Colleges and Employers (LACE). These organizations facilitate networking among college career centers and employers and provide resources related to college recruiting and career planning. We encourage you to join us!


If you need assistance promoting your organization at LSU, contact:

Courtney Edwards, Assistant Director of Employment Services