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Text Archive: Writtten Reports

     LOUIS Library Network report on open-access texts and textbooks (February 2016)
     Letter from SACSCOC President Belle Wheelan to Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne concerning the impact of funding on accreditation (February 2016)
     No Funds, No Future document from Delgado Commmunity College (call for better higher education funding) (February 2016)
     Letter to the LSU faculty explaining rights of and recommended procedures for colleagues targeted in personnel actions (December 2015)
     Template letter for contacting legislators, developed by Thomas DuBose (October 2015)
     Resolution by the Southern University System faculty senate calling for a compensation committee and compenssation study (August 2015)
     Academic Freedom: An Affirmation from LSU System President F. King Alexander (April 2015)
     Report from the first annual staff meeting of LSU A&M Accounting Services (dated May 2014 but released October 2014)
     External review of Louisiana State University international programs (dated July 2013 but released December 2013)
     NCHE Newsletter, October 2013 (October 2013)
     Final report of the LSU Transition Advisory Team (dated July 2013 but released September 2013)
     Final report of the Committee on the Implementation of Suffix Grading (September 2013)
     Slate of questions from SACSCOC for LSU System Transition Advisory Team (April 2013)
     Flyer announcing the Faculty Senate-Campus Federal Credit Union-ThirtyNorth Financial Education Seminars (April 2013)
     Flyer announcing a forum on retirement plan issues with representatives from TRSL (April 2013)
     Analysis by a Texas lawman of proposals to require the Louisiana Department of Education to recognize credits from for-profit schools (March 2013)
     Letter from the AAUP to LSU Interim System President William Jenkins and LSU System Board Chair Hank Danos concerning Restructuring (January 2013)
     Raises provided to faculty at LSU peer institutions (January 2013)
     Leadership profile for the LSU System and LSU A&M campus President, submitted by faculty governance to the LSU Board of Supervisors (November 2012)
     Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Plus-Minus Grading, Mandi Lopez, Chair [August 2012]
     Letter advising Southern University of the opening of an AAUP investigation [May 2012]
     Chronology of unsuccessful or Regents-obstructed attempts to update the LSUS role, scope, and mission statement by Chancellor Vincent Marsala (April 2012)
     Analysis by former ULM Business Dean and President Dwight Vines of proposed Louisiana Tech-LSUS merger
     Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Faculty Workloads (April 2012)
     Transcript of remarks on restructuring higher education by LSU Faculty Senate President Kevin L. Cope (February 2012)
     Letter from Southern University at New Orleans Faculty Senate rejecting faculty participation in the Education Online Services program
     NCHEMS report on the role, scope, and mission of Louisiana higher education institutions and one restructuring of Louisiana higher education management (January 2012)
     Letter from the Louisiana AAUP concerning the conditioning of the accreditation of UNO on retention of extant exigency policies (October 2011)
     Report of the Tobacco-Free Campus Task Force (November 2011)
     List compiled by Laura McLemore of inconsistencies in public education and higher education policy, October 2011
     Report of the Museum and Performance Action Plan Task Force, October 2011
     Final report of the LSU Retention Committee, October 2011
     McNeese State University strategic planning survey, September 2011
     Five-year capital outlay plan for the LSU System
     Southern University voluntary furlough agreement, September 2011
     Legislator report card issues by the Louisiana Association of Educators, August 2011
     LOUIS library database member fees, 2010–2011, June 2011
     Executive summary, dissertation by Amber Falluca regarding Senators' perceptions of athletics governance, 2 February 2011
     Approval of conversion of the Budget Crisis Committee into the University Budget Committee, 22 December 2010
     Report on the Statewide Conference concerning the Situation and Influence of Faculty, 4 December 2010
     Winners, 2012 Faculty Senate footall ticket lottery
     Winners, 2011 Faculty Senate football ticket lottery
     Winners, 2010 Faculty Senate football ticket lottery 
     Index of Special Reports, 1998–2005
     Report of the (first) Committee on the Feasibility of Collective Bargaining (2002)
     Meeting Highlights, 2003–2007
     Recommendations regarding Financial Exigency (2006)
     Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Interdisciplinary and Interdepartmental Programs (2008)
     Statement of the Ad Hoc Committee on Bargaining and Representation (2009)
     Statement of the Ad Hoc Committee on Bargaining and Representation concerning Intellectual Working Conditions (2010)
     PS–36 (Hiring, Evaluation, Promotion, Tenure) Documents

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