The Ad Hoc Committee on Bargaining and Representation

CHARGE:  The Ad Hoc Committee on Bargaining and Representation is charged with examining both faculty opinion regarding bargaining, negotiation, and representation and also the various options for providing such support.  Options to be considered include but are not limited to traditional faculty unions, emerging labor agencies, professional organizations, arbitration, and mediation.  Committee members should respond to the special circumstances of professional labor in universities, including the competitive dimensions of the scholarly career and the traditions of the academy with regard to the rewarding of teaching, service, or research.

Michael F. Russo (LSU Libraries), Chair
Dominique G. Homberger (Biological Sciences)
Gina Raye Costello (LSU Libraries)
Patricia O’Neill (Music)
Paul Wilson (Agriculture)
Renee Major (English)
Ryan Orgera (Vice-President, Graduate Student Association)