Faculty Senate Resolution SR 02-10 - Supporting Material

Tuition Waivers for Graduate Assistants

Passed 10/02/02

Introduced by Paul Bell

Whereas, a high quality and extensive graduate program is essential to the Chancellor's flagship agenda for LSU;

Whereas, graduate-student enrollment at LSU has ranked tenth in the SEC and fourth among Louisiana public universities in the percentage of students enrolled in graduate school;

Whereas, average stipends for LSU graduate assistants have been less than survey averages since 1992;

Whereas, 82% of SEC universities and 76% of other universities (average of surveys) provide tuition waiver to graduate assistants while LSU does not;

Whereas , tuition waiver allows the most efficient use of grant funds for graduate assistants;

Whereas, LSU graduate assistants can fulfill course and research-credit requirements but still must pay full-time-status tuition and fees of $1690 while other graduate students may pay only part-time tuition and fees of $384; and

Whereas , although the cost of implementing tuition waivers is substantial, it will pay real benefits in the competitiveness of LSU's graduate programs,

Therefore be it Resolved, that the Faculty Senate requests that the Provost develop and present to the Faculty Senate a plan to provide tuition waivers for graduate assistants.