Advisory Boards

Athletic Council
Board of Regents Statewide Council of Chief Academic Officers Electronic Learning Committee

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is composed of the Chancellor, the Executive Vice-Chancellor and Provost (committee chair), the Vice-Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Services, the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Graduate Dean, the Vice-Chancellor for Student Services, the Director of Budget and Planning (ex officio), the President of the Faculty Senate (ex officio), two representatives of the Faculty Senate, a representative of the Staff Senate (ex officio), and an appointed student government representative (ex officio).

The purpose of this committee is to determine procedures for budgeting, hold budget hearings, allocate and/or reallocate funds appropriated to LSU and advise the Chancellor on matters regarding the budgetary administration of the campus.

Code of Student Conduct

The Committee on Student Conduct shall be comprised of seven deans appointed by the Council of Deans and Directors with the concurrence of the Chancellor for three-year terms; four students, appointed annually by the Chancellor upon the recommendation of the president of the Student Government; six faculty members, appointed by the Chancellor for three-year terms to serve as chairpersons of the hearing panels; one faculty member appointed annually by the Chancellor upon the recommendation of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee; the Dean of Students; and the Vice Chancellor for Student Life & Academic Services, who shall chair the committee. Any 10 members shall constitute a quorum.Proxies may not serve on this committee.

Duties of the Committee on Student Conduct
A. To review periodically the provisions of the Code of Student Conduct and recommend changes to the Office of the Chancellor, when such changes are deemed in the best interest of the University.
B. Committee members may serve on hearing panels that consider formal charges of misconduct by students.

Communication Across the Curriculum

Communication across the curriculum is a university council established by the Provost. It is one of several bodies which include substantial and effective faculty representation. Typical arrangements are 3-year terms for the faculty members, usually not renewed; and procedures by which the appointing authority asks for nominations from the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and other appropriate faculty bodies.

Graduate Council
Program Review Council
Student Technology Fee Committee
University Planning Council