Data Management Resources

Federal agencies require proposals to include articulated plans for the long-term management of project related data. For example, the NSF requires all proposals to include a 2-page supplement that articulates the project's data management plan.

LSU provides many resources to help faculty with their data management strategies, and there are additional resources online that can also help.

Data Management Planning

There are many online tools to help you develop a data management plan for your proposal.  These tools have templates from federal agencies, as well as templates contributed by other researchers, all designed to meet the current requirements for federal grants and contracts.

We strongly recommend using DMPTool to help create a Data Management Plan (DMP). The tool has templates for NSF, NIH and other federal agencies, as well as example templates that other users have shared. You can log in using your myLSU login and password.  LSU also provides a general policy on data management that provides guidelines of what should be included in a DMP.

Core Data Resources

LSU provides basic core data resources for its faculty, and this information should be included in your DMP.

Online/On-demand Storage - OneDrive

LSU provides all of its faculty 1 Terabyte of online storage through OneDrive (Office365). Data on OneDrive is private, but can be shared with collaborators at LSU or other institutions. A larger storage capacity using OneDrive can be provided upon request.

Data Archiving - Digital Commons

LSU hosts an institutional archive using Digital Commons. The archive can be used to publish papers, grey material, data analyses and other research products, where it will be permanently available. Material that is published elsewhere (e.g., journals, federal open-access archives) can be linked to the archive so that faculty can gather their materials without necessarily publishing them directly in Digital Commons.

LSU Digital Commons is part of a network of over 400 institutional archives, through which researchers can discover LSU faculty scholarship and research. The archive also satisfies NSF and NIH requirements for permanent storage of project data and ancillary materials.

LSU Data Resources


Digital Commons

LSU Research Policy on Data Management


Online Resources

DMP Tool

NSF Data Sharing Policy

NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG)


Example Data Management Plans

Both NSF and NIH have provided generic example DMPs. Remember though that each agency and program may have their own specific requirements which you will need to address.

NSF Generic 1


NIH Generic

NIH Genomic Data