University Review & Assessment Council

The University Review and Assessment Council provides oversight and coordination for program review and assessment activities within the university. Specifically, URAC is responsible for the following:

  1. determining the method and cycle for program reviews of academic departments;
  2. providing oversight and evaluation of the program-level assessments of student-learning outcomes; and
  3. defining the appropriate methods of review for the support areas.

URAC members serve three-year terms of appointment, with approximately one-third rotating off each year. Terms end at the start of fall semester each year.  

Representatives from Colleges/Academic Units

Agriculture Maud Walsh (2018)
Art & Design Lake Douglas (2018)
Business Jianan Wu (2019)
Coast & Environment John White (2020)
Engineering Greg Griffin (2019)
Honors College TBD (2020)
Human Sciences & Education Jackie Bach (2020)
Humanities & Social Sciences Robert Hogan (2018)
Law Center Missy Lonegrass (2019)
LSU Libraries Lois Kyper-Rushing (2020)
Mass Communication Andrea Miller (2018)
Music & Dramatic Arts Jim Murphy (2018)
Science Milen Yakimov (2019)
Veterinary Medicine TBD (2019)

Representatives for Support Divisions/Units

Academic Affairs Clay Benton (2020)
Athletics Bill Demastes (2018)
Finance & Administrative Services Bernie Braun (2020)
Information Technology Services TBD (2018)
Research & Economic Development Stephen Beck (2019)
Strategic Communications Holly Houk (2018)
Strategic Initiatives TBD (2018)
Student Life Laurie Braden (2019)

Ex-officio (Non-voting)

Sandi Gillilan, Associate Vice Provost Institutional Effectiveness
Stephenie Franks, Assistant Director Institutional Effectiveness
Bobby Matthews, Director Institutional Effectiveness
Josiah Nyangau, Assistant Director Institutional Effectiveness
Lesa Jeansonne, Staff Budget & Planning


Stephenie Franks
Assistant Director for Institutional Effectiveness

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