Meet Our Staff

Institutional Effectiveness Leadership Team

Sandi Gillilan
Sandi Gillilan, Ed.D.
Associate Vice Provost
336 T. Boyd Hall
Dr. Sandi Gillilan serves as Associate Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and provides leadership for accreditation, planning, assessment, program review, and accountability initiatives. She is the Chair of the newly formed IT Governance Council. Sandi also chairs the Institutional Effectiveness Review Board and the University Review & Assessment Council. She joined LSU in 2014 after spending seven years at Northern Kentucky University and four years at the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Overall, Sandi has nearly 20 years of experience in higher education spanning a wide array of areas, including institutional effectiveness, accountability, change management, budget, performance, and policy.
Bobby Matthews
Bobby Matthews, Ph.D.
Director of Assessment & Evaluation
51 Himes Hall
Dr. Bobby Matthews was appointed Director of Assessment & Evaluation in 1993. He has provided leadership in planning, assessment, and accreditation through three institutional accreditation reaffirmations, including 1994, 2004, and most recently 2014, with particular emphasis on institutional effectiveness and student-learning outcomes assessment at the level of the degree program and in general education. Through ex-officio participation, Dr. Matthews works with the Faculty Senate Committee on General Education, the University Review & Assessment Council, and the Institutional Effectiveness Review Board on essential concerns in the general area of student learning. He is an adjunct faculty member in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences, with experience teaching courses in writing, English literature, and political science. He currently teaches the capstone course for the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies.
David O'Brien
David B. O'Brien
Associate Director for Assessment & Evaluation
51 Himes Hall
David O'Brien oversees all testing programs; administers online programs for student evaluation of teaching; supports institutional effectiveness through experimental design and statistical analysis; and oversees all institutional effectiveness/testing center computer operations including software development.
Stephenie Franks  
Stephenie Franks, M.A.
Assistant Director for Institutional Effectiveness
336 T. Boyd Hall
Stephenie Franks directs the university's program review process for all academic and support units, working closely with the associate vice provost, deans, associate deans, department chairs, and other faculty. She also maintains the program review database in the TaskStream Administrative Management System and tracks discipline-specific accreditation across the campus. Stephenie manages regional accreditation reports and activities, including substantive change notifications and/or approvals, the Fifth-Year Interim Report, and reaffirmation of accreditation materials, as required by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges. She also provides administrative support as an ex-officio member for the University Review & Assessment Council and the Institutional Effectiveness Review Board.
Josiah Nyangua  
Josiah Nyangau, Ph.D.
Assistant Director of Assessment
336 T. Boyd Hall
Dr. Josiah Nyangau serves as Assistant Director of Assessment, providing assessment and accreditation-related support to advance the mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. Josiah joined LSU in 2017 and previously served as Program Coordinator for Accreditation, Assessment and Learning at Kent State University. He earned his bachelor's degree in education from Kenyetta University, Nairobi; his master's degree in geography from Ohio University; and his Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Kent State University.


Educational Measurement/Computer-based Testing 

Tori Greenwood
336 T. Boyd Hall
Tori Greenwood manages the main office in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. She supports the Associate Vice Provost and Director of Assessment & Evaluation in matters pertaining to student-learning outcomes assessment, including workshops for faculty, departments, and college administrators; production of assessment reports; and support for electronic documentation of results in the appropriate templates of the TaskStream Administrative Management System. 
Sandi Guillot, M.P.A.
Operations Manager
51 Himes Hall
Sandi Guillot manages testing operations with respect to administrative, personnel, procedural, and budgetary matters, including payroll and management of internal fiscal accounts and sponsored programs.
Dean Provost
51 Himes Hall
Dean Provost oversees the implementation of all optical-mark scanning programs, working most prominently with faculty to produce reports of descriptive statistics on paper-and-pencil based classroom examinations. He supervises the LSU computer-based testing lab in the late afternoon and evening period.
Frank Sipos
Institutional Placement & National Testing Programs
51 Himes Hall
Frank Sipos co-manages the main office in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. His primary responsibilities, which revolve around testing services, include the following: working with faculty in the preparation of examinations set for computer-based delivery, managing the computer-based testing lab during regular business hours, and managing all aspects of the on-site ETS computer-based testing programs.
Sandra Whisnant
Accounting Specialist
59 Himes Hall
Sandra Whisnant serves as Accounting Technician and transient personnel coordinator. She creates and maintains internal ledgers for external and internal financial transactions; hires, processes, and manages transient and student employees; and coordinates the interface of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness with programs under the aegis of several internal LSU offices.