Museum Seminar Series


The Museum Seminar Series is a weekly research talk at the LSU Museum of Natural Science given by invited speakers and LSU personnel that revolves around topics of natural history, ecology, or evolutionary biology. Seminars are open to the public and take place on Fridays at 3:30pm in the museum exhibits area. See schedule below. #MuseumSeminar

Museum Seminar Photo Collage 

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January 12

No Seminar: Short Week

January 19

Dr. Brandon Ballengee, Dr. Prosanta Chakrabarty, Link Morgan, & Sean Miller, Department of Biological Sciences and College of the Arts, Louisiana State University
Title: "Crude Life: A citizen art and science investigation of Gulf of Mexico biodiversity after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill."

January 26

Mark Swanson, Jessie Salter, Andre Moncrieff, Cameron Rutt, & Vitek Jirinec, LSU Museum of Natural Science & School of Renewable Natural Resources, Louisiana State University
Title: “Expedition Travelogue Part III: Indonesia, Florida, Bolivia, and Brazil

February 2

Dr. Jake Schaefer, University of Southern Mississippi
Title: "What hybrid zones can tell us about evolution"

February 9

No Seminar: Mardi Gras

February 16

Jackson Roberts, LSU Museum of Natural Science
Title: "Taxonomy and systematics of freshwater turtle blood flukes (Digenea: Schistosomatoidea)"

February 23

Dr. Rebecca Tarvan, University of Texas at Austin
Title: "Evolutionary biology of acquired chemical defenses in poison frogs"

March 2

Dr. Jason Bond, Auburn University
Title: “Using phylogenomics to deconstruct the spider tree of life”

March 9

Dr. Ingo SchluppUniversity of Oklahoma
Title: “Ecology and Evolution in Livebearing Fishes: A drama in several acts”

March 16

Dr. Scott Taylor, University of Colorado Boulder
Title: “Insights from avian hybrid zones into the origin and maintenance of biodiversity"

March 23

Dr. Jordan KarubianTulane University
Title: “Proximate and ultimate perspectives of phenotypic integration in Malurus fairywrens”

March 30

No Seminar: Spring Break

April 6

Dr. Jeff Lozier, University of Alabama
Title: "Buzzing Through a Complex World: Population genomics of bumble bees across heterogeneous landscapes"

April 13

Therese LampertyRice University
Title: “Impacts of defaunation on invertebrate communities and ecosystem processes”

April 20

Dr. Gregg Gorton, Lewis Katz School of Medicine, Temple University
Title: "Ted Parker: A snapshot of his life and work"

April 27 Dr. Kevin McCracken, University of Miami
Title: "Genetic adaptation and phenotypic plasticity in Andean ducks, with insights into low long it takes to evolve a predictable high-altitude phenotype (or not)"

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