Tiger ROAR

Tiger Readiness Opportunity for Academic Rigor

Tiger ROAR is a summer bridge program designed exclusively for students who have great promise for success at LSU but fall just short of the regular admission requirements.  To offer these students the opportunity to achieve regular admission to LSU, the Tiger ROAR Program will provide support services to help them succeed, such as study skills workshops and supplemental instruction for courses.  Participants must complete six hours of coursework that will apply to the student’s chosen degree program.  They must take a regular math or English course and an additional designated humanities or social sciences course.  Upon successfully completing six hours during the regular summer session with a 2.5 GPA, students will be eligible to schedule courses for the fall semester. Classes start the week of June 5, so register today!



You may be eligible for the Tiger ROAR program if you:

  • Are an entering freshman interested in a major within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • And, one of the following:
    • Meet the academic core and high school grade point average requirement but have a Math subscore that is below the minimum criteria.
    • Meet admissions criteria but have an overall college grade point average of less than 2.0 due to dual enrollment.
    • Meet standardized test criteria but fall below the high school grade point average (2.7 – 2.99).



Please note, this program does not qualify for federal financial aid, which includes grants and loans. This does not exclude you from future aid or awards. Upon completion of the program and the start of your fall semester, you will receive communication directing you to submit required information to become eligible for your financial aid.

  Resident Fees Non-Resident Fees
Orientation Registration $140 $140
Tuition & Fees (6 hours) $2,509 $6,613
Housing* (optional) $1,780 $1,780
Books and Supplies $290 $290

TOTAL without Housing

$2,939 $7,043

TOTAL with Housing

$4,734 $8,838

*You will learn more about your options for housing in the fall during your supplemental instruction sessions.

Meal Plan Options:

LSU’s dining halls not only serve delicious food, but they are unique social centers that complete the college experience. LSU Dining’s two summer meal plans offer a combination of meals which are served in The 5 for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and Paw Points, which can be used like dining dollars at any of the LSU Dining locations around campus, such as Chick-fil-a, On-The-Geaux, and CC’s Coffee Shop. Students can take advantage of the value and variety that meal plans have to offer. The meal plan options for Tiger ROAR participants, if you choose to purchase, are listed below.

  • Summer 40 - $385.00 - Includes 40 meals and 80 Paw Points to use on retail dining items.
  • Summer 60 - $575.00 - Includes 60 meals with 120 Paw Points to use on retail dining items.

Learn More about Meal Plans


Terms of Agreement
Prospective Tiger ROAR students must agree to all terms (Checked*) in order to submit this form.



Tiger ROAR program participants will attend the May 31, 2017 orientation session on the LSU campus.

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Members of the LSU University College team will assist students with advising throughout the program. Upon completion of the Tiger ROAR program, students will schedule their fall semester classes with University College advisors.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about the program, please contact D'Lanor Pankotai.