Procurement Services

    The objective of the Office of Procurement Services is to procure goods and services to sustain, foster, and support the administrative, educational and research missions of the University. The Office of Procurement Services strives to maintain the most efficient operations possible, while adhering to the requirements of state and federal laws and rules & regulations, as well as to University policy.


    Purchasing Procedures

    All purchases are to be made in accordance with procedures established pursuant to Louisiana R.S. 39. Small purchases (any procurement not exceeding $25,000) may be made in accordance with procedures prescribed by Small Purchase Procedures Executive Order (reference Louisiana R.S. 39:1596). Procurement requirements shall not be artificially divided so as to constitute a small purchase, as described in this section. Public works contracts (construction, remodeling, and additions) are to be made in accordance with procedures established pursuant to Louisiana R.S. 38 and must be coordinated through Facility Development or Facility Services and the Office of Purchasing.


    Requisitions and Specifications

    In general, a PRO on-line requisition is required for all purchases of supplies, materials, equipment, and services purchased from off-campus vendors when the total cost exceeds $5,000. All full-time faculty and staff are automatically given PROPUBLIC security which allows requisitions, purchase order alterations and receiving reports to be created - no special authorizations are required.

    PROAUTH security is required to electronically approve requisitions, bid tabulations and purchase order alterations. All requests for PROAUTH security must be initiated through the electronic Security Access Procedure accessible through PAWS desktop under the Financial Services tab.


    La Carte Purchasing Card

    “La Carte” is a credit card issued to authorized employees for the purpose of making low dollar purchases. La Carte is intended to simplify the buying process and improve employee cycle time from ordering to payment. Typical examples of items that may qualify for this program include books, subscriptions, computer accessories, materials, and supplies.

    La Carte is “programmed” with a range of information: the cardholder’s identity; the account number and object code to which purchases are to be charged; dollar limits for cardholder’s purchases— defaults are $1000/transaction, $1000/vendor/day, $30,000 per month; and the types of merchants (merchant category code (MCC)) that can or cannot be utilized.