Information Technology Services (ITS) provides technology infrastructure and services that advance teaching and learning, enable research, enrich the student IT experience, and effectively manage institutional information, in support of LSU’s pursuit of national prominence as Louisiana’s Flagship University. ITS’s nearly 180 staff members create and maintain vital university systems like course registration and payroll; provide network , wireless and telephone connectivity campus-wide; house the computational resources used by many LSU researchers; staff and maintain student computing labs; ensure the security of LSU’s data and networked resources; and provide direct support to the thousands of computer users here at LSU. Through engagement with the LSU community and the community’s creation of the Flagship IT Strategy, LSU ITS is more than actively responding to the evolving technical needs and challenges of LSU.

    ITS Units include the Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), University Information Systems (UIS), University Networking & Infrastructure (UNI), User Support & Student IT Enablement (USS), Security & Risk Management (SRM), The Louisiana Library Network (LOUIS), Louisiana Optical Network Initiative (LONI), and High Performance Computing (HPC).

    The ITS Help Desk is the primary customer interface for Information Technology Services (ITS) at Louisiana State University (LSU). The Help Desk provides support via walk-in, telephone and e-mail. Remote Desktop support is also available and  is used by the Help Desk Agent to resolve problems. The Help Desk phone number is 225-578-3375 (578-DESK).

    Please visit the ITS website,, for more information.  

    Telephone Service/Campus Telephone Directory

    Questions concerning telephone use or requests for telephone service should be directed to the ITS Help Desk at 225-578-4075.

    The database for listing individual faculty and staff members in the Faculty/Staff Directory is maintained by the Office of Human Resource Management. The Department/Curriculum information is maintained and updated by the Office of Communications and University Relations. Home addresses and home telephone numbers for faculty/staff are not listed in the campus directory and are not given out by campus information operators.

    On-campus calls may be made by dialing only the last five digits of the telephone number (i.e., 8-XXXX). To place an off-campus call, dial “9.” For campus information, call 225-578-3202 or “0” from any campus telephone. Please check the Faculty/Staff Directory before dialing the operator.

    If it is necessary to make long-distance calls concerning University business, a Long Distance Authorization Code will be provided for the University’s long-distance service. This code and instructions for its use are available from the ITS Business Office, with appropriate authorization from the department.

    Telephone trouble should be reported to the ITS Help Desk, 225-578-3375.