Second Decisional Conference

If the employee continues to perform below the performance standard, the employee is again counseled by the supervisor. The second conference attempts to achieve the same objective as the first, except that the employee is warned that if performance does not improve, more forceful measures will be taken, up to and including termination. The details of the conference are then confirmed in writing to the employee. The second written reminder does not require Appointing Authority approval (Leave Sanctions, which are issued as written reminders, do require approval of the Office of Human Resource Management), but a copy of the reminder must be forwarded to the Office of Human Resource Management. Written reminders are not appealable to the Civil Service Commission and are not placed in the employee's official personnel folder.

Employees are provided an opportunity to respond in writing to the Office of Human Resource Management if they disagree with the facts presented in the written reminder. The response must be received within seven (7) working days of receipt of the reminder. The response will be reviewed and appropriate action will be taken which may include requesting a response from the department, a modification to the written reminder, or attaching the rebutal to the written reminder.